Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 22 2023

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Clues Answers
"... sting like —" ABEE
"Insecure" star Rae ISSA
"— the season ..." TIS
Agra's — Mahal TAJ
Alphabetic sequence RSTU
Apprehend NAB
Author Deighton LEN
Back talk SASS
Brunch cocktails MIMOSAS
Cambridge sch MIT
Casual shirt POLO
Chopin pieces ETUDES
Circus sight TENT
Colonial flag-maker ROSS
Composer Gustav MAHLER
Deco artist ERTE
Early period MORN
Earth's neighbor MARS
Fact book ALMANAC
Flamenco cheer OLE
Fluttery insect MOTH
Freeloading MOOCHING
Fuel stat MPG
Furry foot PAW
Geezer COOT
German philosopher HEGEL
Hitchcock's "Rear —" WINDOW
Hosp. scans MRIS
Kids' game TAG
Kimono sash OBI
Last writes? OBIT
Latin love AMOR
Lease signers TENANTS
Clues Answers
Leftovers recipe STEW
Lunar light MOONBEAM
Mediocre SOSO
Mexican entree TACO
Milk, to kids MOOJUICE
Minivan alternative SUV
MLB stat RBI
Mosquito barrier NET
Most sullen MOODIEST
Muppet eagle SAM
Now, on a memo ASAP
Optimistic ROSY
Packs down TAMPS
Piratic potation RUM
Promising words? IDO
Red-carpet type VIP
Ruckus ADO
Scoundrel CAD
Sea creature with arms OCTOPUS
Slope transport TBAR
Small battery AAA
Small bus JITNEY
Surprised cries OHS
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Timber wolf LOBO
Tokyo-based carrier JAL
Tree fluid SAP
Truman's birthplace LAMAR
Up to TIL
Upright ERECT
Yoga class pads MATS
— card (cell phone insert) SIM
— chi TAI