Family Time - May 29 2023

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Clues Answers
"... lived happily ___ after" EVER
"On ___ mark ..." YOUR
"___ about time you stopped that!" ITS
190 divided by 19 TEN
Abel's mean brother CAIN
Able to be heard AUDIBLE
An Oriole might swing one AGED
Angel topper, in art HALO
Bald spot blocker HAT
Bath bar SOAP
Batter's goal HIT
Big-time searching game (2 words) TREASUREHUNT
Chum PAL
Cliff's edge or crucial point BRINK
Come to an ___ (conclude) TIDY
Completely dressed YOLK
Completely impress AWE
Diving bird LOON
Do some CIA work SPY
Dried fruit choice for Newtons FIG
Ease off (2 words) LETUP
Enjoyed a graphic novel READ
Feel poorly AIL
George Washington or Ulysses S. Grant GENERAL
Girl from "Monsters, Inc." BOO
Give the boot to OUST
Grew older and older PLAN
Guided others LED
Here? No, not at all AWAY
Indian attire SARI
Intentional falsehood CLAD
Kind of cat FAT
Kiss go-with HUG
Clues Answers
Like a quieted trumpet MUTED
Like Santa's cheeks ROSY
Like some clever humor WRY
Lobster-eater's apron BIB
Make preparations LIE
Marvel's X-___ MEN
Mother ___ of nursery rhymes GOOSE
Neat, clean and orderly //
Not good at all BAD
Pancake topping SYRUP
Part of an egg END
Peppermint ___ ("Peanuts" character) PATTY
Pigeon shelter COTE
Pool or race unit LAP
Result of an infraction PENALTY
River deposit SILT
Rotten eggs have a strong one ODOR
Rough-skinned tangelo UGLI
Run in neutral IDLE
Shaving cream type GEL
Skin balm ALOE
State verbally SAY
Sticky type of paper CONTACT
Stinging insect BEE
Swirl EDDY
Tear mightily RIP
The cultivation of plants HORTICULTURE
Tiny amount TAD
Turkey ___ (cut of meat) LEG
Twelve hours past 12:00 a.m NOON
Type of surgeon ORAL
Winter fall SNOW
Word after "Christmas" or "New Year's" EVE