The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2404

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Clues Answers
Academic with crucial job? It's drudgery donkey work
Carbon monoxide swamps breathable gases in city CAIRO
Church leaving whisky for highlander? SCOT
Complete religious work in Ireland ENTIRE
Cosmetic procedure for legendary friar TUCK
Crazy corner in bike racing? On the contrary BATTY
Cryptic Don, naive fellow from Exeter say DEVONIAN
Descent from unstable pier edge PEDIGREE
Drank excessively up in storeroom DEPOT
Dull reporter saying something cutting? HACKSAW
Finance two aeronautical operations BANKROLL
Form attachment with 007? BOND
Hoof with heel and toe? tap dance
Clues Answers
Husband with somewhat loose garment HABIT
Inca dances led by bird: how did that go down? TITANIC
Money once raised in late September PESETA
Opportunity to profit from art varying wildly gravy train
Police officer seizing horse meat item CHOP
Relation jittery lacking a certain vitamin RETINOL
Saintly gatekeeper's famous rabbit PETER
Saucy verse a link to the White House? HOTLINE
Scooped-out potato — food fit to ingest POTABLE
Spear seabird we hear SKEWER
Spoons bent right back SPONSOR
Two letters mentioned extravagance EXCESS
Unknown German eight in luxurious vessel YACHT