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Clues Answers
"Dr." of insoles SCHOLL
"Fer cryin' out loud!" YEESH
"Game of Thrones" actress Bianco ESME
"Hamilton" composer — -Manuel Miranda LIN
"No kiddin'?" THATSO
"Pick up the Czech," e.g PUN
"Right away!" ASAP
"The Chi" airer, in brief SHO
"Well, I'll be!" GEE
"— a pity" TIS
"— come to save the day!" HEREI
1040 ID SSN
Academic A-lists HONORROLLS
Actor Cary ELWES
Actor Elliott SAM
Actor Koteas ELIAS
Ailment suffered from being given too much leeway? LATITUDESICKNESS
Airline to Sweden SAS
Alan of "Tower Heist" ALDA
Alpo alternative IAMS
Alternative to chocolate VANILLA
Ancient cuneiform language OLDPERSIAN
Antagonist FOE
Apple tablets IPADS
Approximate ESTIMATE
Apt. units RMS
Arctic boot attachment SNOWSHOE
Atlanta-to-Miami dir SSE
Attaches ADDSON
Attacks like a bird FLIESAT
Audio game from Hasbro BOPIT
Ballpoint fluid INK
Barkeeper on "The Simpsons" MOE
Barney Miller player Linden HAL
Bicolor whale ORCA
Bivalve mollusk that's neither anxious nor perturbed? CLAMCOOLANDCOLLECTED
Blast source TNT
Blubber FAT
Blue-green TEAL
Call a halt to END
Cantata's kin MOTET
City in southwest New York OLEAN
Cliffhanger feeling SUSPENSE
Co- — (some apartments) OPS
Coke and Pepsi's business? COLAINDUSTRY
Collide with RAMINTO
Complaints to otologists EARACHES
Conger, e.g EEL
Contained as a part of INCLUDEDIN
Decompose ROT
Deep thinkers MUSERS
Diner grub HASH
Docs' org AMA
Downcast SAD
Earth's star SUN
Eensy ITTY
Eight-note spans OCTAVES
Etched computer components PCBOARDS
Exiled Roman poet OVID
False appearances FACADES
Farrow of film MIA
Finger-pointing people BLAMERS
Foreboding OMINOUS
Four-leaf — CLOVER
Gator's kin CROC
Grades K-6: Abbr ELEM
Greek strife goddess ERIS
Gruesome MACABRE
Clues Answers
Gung-ho AVID
Has no life ISNT
Head, in Nice TETE
Home of Pago Pago SAMOA
In a very similar way CLOSELY
Instant, in some brand names REDI
Interoffice note MEMO
Karate blow CHOP
Kilt pattern TARTAN
Like a shutter so shabby there's no point in putting in a new louver? NOTWORTHONESSLAT
Like cut bread SLICED
Lindsay of "Machete" LOHAN
Lip off to SASS
Long, loose overcoat ULSTER
Longtime bud OLDPAL
Magician Harry HOUDINI
Maker of Skin So Soft AVON
Many times OFTEN
Mao — -tung TSE
Monty Python member wearing no jewelry or fancy clothes? MICHAELPLAIN
Off-limits NOGO
One of the Leeward Islands MONTSERRAT
One of the Windward Islands TAHITI
Packers' and Panthers' gp NFC
PC key abbr ESC
Poet Hughes TED
Pottery piece SHARD
Quote CITE
Recently OFLATE
Retina locale EYE
Rev gauge TACH
Robots in human form ANDROIDS
Sallie — MAE
Say "yes" to ACCEPT
Scarf down EAT
Sch. in Manhattan NYU
Seed case ARIL
Sine, for one RATIO
Smart — (wise guys) ALECS
Snitching sort STOOLIE
Sock fillers FEET
Some raptors HAWKS
Soothsayer SEER
Spy novelist Fleming IAN
Storytellers' leagues? RELATORSASSOCIATIONS
Suburb of Buenos Aires MERLO
Sue Grafton's "— for Evidence" EIS
Sugar suffix OSE
Team letdowns LOSSES
Tech sch INST
The "A" of ETA: Abbr ARR
Thighbone FEMUR
Things people run on racetracks in Switzerland's capital? BERNESELAPS
Tombs for pharaohs PYRAMIDS
Tooth doctors' org ADA
Topmost point on a perfume bottle? FLACONCREST
True-to-fact LITERAL
TV host Banks TYRA
TV plugs ADS
U.S. soldiers GIS
Uno + due TRE
Very pale ASHEN
Vinaigrette alternative RANCH
Watering tube HOSE
Wee amount IOTA
Working hard ATIT
Wound cover SCAB