The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 29,078 - May 24 2023

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Clues Answers
A person with a seat in vehicle gets one drink CAMPARI
Asians primarily in East, we fancy! TAIWANESE
Awful know-all hogs it — OK, there may be accusation of hypocrisy LOOKWHOSTALKING
Chap eating duck and beef MOAN
Christian Union chaps grabbing converted cheat, one preparing for baptism CATECHUMEN
Diplomat worries about government's latest measures HECTARES
Educational paper full of clear beliefs TENETS
Examination of vessel after end of voyages SCAN
Fighter in hospital holding people SARACEN
Girl in charge of gripping performance of many stars GALACTIC
Go wrong penetrating a blue island SKERRY
Insects possibly mate in spring, say? PRAYINGMANTISES
Minister returning to probe murder and wicked exploitation SLAVERY
Minor ruler and knight sat around fireplace KINGLET
Clues Answers
Monster that is appearing with head on top NESSIE
Number looking smart going round bottom part of ship KEELSON
Polish cad attending social event HEEL
Restraint on beloved, heard to be a beast REINDEER
Reward for man once incarcerated in Reading? OSCAR
Second best? Protest audibly SCREAM
See 13 BALL
Seize part of royal bride's dress DISTRAIN
She's not quite what you'd expect! NORMA
Show agent round when back working OPERATIVE
Stuff disappearing — discarded old meat GINGHAM
Sudden chilly weather brings diseases — sleep! COLDSNAP
What starts temptation in unlucky OT man — an apple JONATHAN
You'll be sat puzzling, no question! ABSOLUTELY