L.A. Times Daily - May 19 2023

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Clues Answers
" ... never mind, then" ORNOT
"High Drama" singer Lambert ADAM
"Lion" Oscar nominee Dev PATEL
"Should this potted plant go in the dining room window or the bedroom window?," e.g SILLYQUESTION
"Super Mario" brother LUIGI
"The Practice" actress __ Flynn Boyle LARA
2022 FIFA World Cup host QATAR
Actress Rowlands GENA
Ancient OLD
Antarctica, for one DESERT
Artichokes eaten first thing in the morning? HEARTYBREAKFAST
Autos CARS
Basic math homework SUMS
Big lug OAF
Brain wave readout, for short EEG
Broke out of a slump? SATUP
Building a fire without any charcoal or lighter fluid? STICKYSITUATION
Caribbean spots ISLES
College-level HS English course APLIT
Colon units DOTS
Dawn goddess EOS
Designer Gucci ALDO
Diamond Head locale OAHU
Dirty word? MUD
Equals PEERS
Fortune rival INC
Full of fluff LINTY
Gesture-based communication syst ASL
Give a shout-out? YELL
Hilarious ARIOT
Hindu spiritual writing SUTRA
In the offing AFOOT
Like brown butter NUTTY
Like some subjects SORE
Many, casually LOTSA
Melodramatic sigh AHME
Mesopotamian region where cuneiform was invented SUMER
Clues Answers
Minus LESS
Missay, say ERR
Mountain of comfy shoes? SLIPPERYSLOPE
Not bumpy EVEN
Omnia vincit __ AMOR
One-eighties UEYS
Only cardinal direction not in a state name EAST
Open-book exams? AUDITS
Oxford, but not Cambridge SHOE
Pack animals ASSES
Part of YSL YVES
Party loot SWAG
Place for a bench warmer? SAUNA
Potato spots EYES
Poultry choice WHITEMEAT
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Premier __: French wine designation CRU
Prolific TV producer Norman LEAR
Quilting, e.g ART
Quod __ demonstrandum ERAT
Relinquishing one's noble title? EARLYRETIREMENT
Restaurant offering that may have an age limit KIDSMEAL
Serengeti grazer GNU
Skin care brand OLAY
Specks IOTAS
Sports doc's scan MRI
Starting on ASOF
Strand during a ski trip, say ICEIN
Stretch of history ERA
Triage ctrs ERS
Unlike a 6-Down RAINY
Violent vortex MAELSTROM
Word with surf or shop BODY
__ and drop DRAG
__ butter SHEA
__ center REC
__ Minor URSA