New York Times - May 18 2023

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Clues Answers
'99 Luftballons' singer NENA
'Heavens to Betsy!' YEGODS
'Hereditary' director Aster ARI
'My words fly up, my thoughts remain ___': 'Hamlet' BELOW
'The Facts in the Case of ___' (Andrew Sinclair novel that pays homage to a mystery writer) EAPOE
Anagram, for instance ANCIENTS
Aroma that may induce meowing TUNA
Backing AID
Ballet bend PLIE
Be on the up and up? ASCEND
Betraying no emotion STOLID
Big to-dos FLAPS
Bolshevik's bane TSAR
Chain letter? MALL
Chloé who directed 'Nomadland' ZHAO
Civil rights activist Baker ELLA
Coffee liqueur brand KAHLUA
Companywide communication system INTRANET
Critical hospital dept ICU
Cuban song genre that shares its name with a Spanish dance BOLERO
Darlington Hall, in 'The Remains of the Day' ESTATE
Dead meat, so to speak TOAST
Dead ___ END
First film appearance of Herbie, a sentient 1963 Volkswagen Beetle THELOVEBUG
Fracas ADO
Go through the roof ROCKET
Golden calf, e.g IDOL
Grazing ground LEA
Guy who inspired an early 2010s hip-hop dance DOUGIE
Haim who co-starred in 2021's 'Licorice Pizza' ALANA
Keats or Wordsworth ODIST
Length, for example SEVENLETTERS
Like Eeyore vis-à-vis his storybook companions GLOOMIER
Like some diamonds LASERCUT
Low turnover? SOMERSAULT
Clues Answers
Massage parlor supply OIL
Material for demolition TNT
Mideast leader EMIR
Mini display? KNEE
Nexus WEB
Nickname that drops -art STU
Nipple ring? AREOLA
Not for ___ SALE
Opposite of a heads up? TAILS
Optimistic UPBEAT
Place to get a C.D SANDL
Psionic counselor on 'Star Trek: T.N.G.' TROI
Put out MIFF
Romulus or Remus TWIN
Science fair locale, often GYM
Scientific definition, for short ELECTRICALFAULT
See 20-Across OHIO
Simu ___, portrayer of Marvel's Shang-Chi LIU
Sine qua ___ NON
Sketch done in preparation for a finished piece STUDY
Slang, for many ZILLIONS
Something to feed or stroke EGO
The 'home' in 'There's no place like home' KANSAS
Tickets SLATES
Total dud BOMB
Trifling amount SOU
Valued DEAR
Video game franchise featuring a clone assassin HITMAN
Wall builder MASON
Want YEN
What's rustled in a swish NET
When repeated, a sound from a brass instrument WAH
Where Zeus trapped the monster Typhon, in myth ETNA
With 2-Down, the oldest sister city in the U.S TOLEDO
Write in Python, say CODE
[Wrong answer!] BZZT
___ Bo TAE