Universal - May 16 2023

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Clues Answers
"All the News That's Fit to Print" paper, briefly NYT
"Check it out for yourself!" GOSEE
"No more, thanks" IMSET
"Not guilty," say PLEA
"She has all my love" IMHERS
"Steal This Book" author Hoffman ABBIE
"You're way off base!" WRONGO
"___ Anatomy" GREYS
Annual Manhattan celebrity fundraiser METGALA
Avocado toast topper EGG
Baby that hoots OWLET
Bacchanalia bags WINESKINS
Barracks toilet LATRINE
Beethoven's German birthplace BONN
Beginnings of progress INROADS
Black Women's History Month APRIL
Bob or bun HAIRDO
Camera type, briefly SLR
Candy heart message to embrace? HUGME
Canine companion POOCH
Casino's advantage over bettors HOUSEEDGE
Castellaneta of "The Simpsons" DAN
Center of attention LIMELIGHT
Champing at the bit EAGER
Close friend, in slang FAM
Commotion UPROAR
Cry made with a flourish TADA
Curie who won two Nobel Prizes MARIE
Disorganized jumble MESS
Do-over, in badminton LET
Draw away from shore EBB
End-of-filming shindig WRAPPARTY
Enjoy a home-cooked dinner, say EATIN
Ernie who won two U.S. Opens ELS
First of the five W's WHO
Flight to sleep on REDEYE
Formal decree EDICT
Clues Answers
Golfers' alternatives to woods IRONS
Greek god of desire EROS
Grueling experience ORDEAL
Gunky buildup GRIME
Herbal tea flavor MINT
Hornet's cousin YELLOWJACKET
Initial development ONSET
It's spent in Sapporo YEN
Joy or jealousy EMOTION
Kitten's cry MEWL
Life-altering line at the altar IDO
Low-growing plants GROUNDCOVER
Major defeat ROUT
Monte ___ CARLO
Payment promise IOU
PC alternative MAC
Play, as a horn TOOT
Pre-owned USED
Purple boba flavor TARO
Snack mix morsel NUT
Some helpers on the Hill SENATEPAGES
Switch companion BAIT
Teaching temp SUB
Texter's "Holy moly!" OMG
They "get away" in fish stories BIGONES
Thinly populated SPARSE
To the ___ degree NTH
Trade-___ (concessions) OFFS
Washington, D.C. : dollar :: Mexico City : ___ PESO
Ways of escaping OUTS
Wilson of "Zoolander" OWEN
Word before "rally" or "talk" PEP
Workplace bigwig BOSS
Yelp blurbs REVIEWS
Yom Kippur observer JEW
Zap with a focused beam LASE
___ benefit (perk) FRINGE