Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 1 2023

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Clues Answers
"Air" director Affleck BEN
"Yikes!" SHEESH
"— so fast!" NOT
Actress Taylor LILI
Aussie hopper ROO
Away from NNE SSW
Bedazzle AWE
Buckeyes' sch OSU
Conceal HIDE
Consumed ATE
Cooped (up) PENT
Corporate symbol LOGO
During AMID
Ear warmer MUFF
Earring site LOBE
Either mate OR
Fan fave IDOL
Granada gold ORO
Hedge plant HAWTHORN
Hosp. areas ICUS
Indian flatbread ROTI
Japanese noodles SOBA
Klutz OAF
Least confined FREEST
Leaves base, perhaps GOESAWOL
Leg, in slang GAM
Lennon's love ONO
Clues Answers
Loch — monster NESS
Magical power MOJO
Marriage vows IDOS
Marseilles monarch ROI
Mess up ERR
Morse — CODE
Nobel Prize subj ECON
Opposite of nyet DA
Oscar contenders ACTORS
Parcel of land LOT
Phonograph needle STYLUS
Poem of praise ODE
Prof's aides TAS
Pub perches STOOLS
Rehearsal DRYRUN
Revue segment SKIT
Round Table titles SIRS
Ruckus ADO
Simile center ASA
Society newbies DEBS
Soup choice TOMATO
Table support LEG
Taxi alternative UBER
Thin cut SLIT
Total up incorrectly MISADD
Trio after Q RST
Unwanted email SPAM
Up-to-date NEW
Use scissors SNIP
Western tribe UTES
— de gallo PICO
— Lingus AER