Universal - May 11 2023

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Clues Answers
"Eraserhead" star Jack NANCE
"Insecure" star Rae ISSA
"My treat" ONME
"Rumor is ..." IHEAR
"This is my cue" IMON
"Yo te ___" AMO
"___ manana!" HASTA
49, for a square of side length 7 AREA
Actress Thompson or Watson EMMA
Adam's apple spot NECK
Additionally TOBOOT
Ancient OLDEN
Angsty music genre EMO
Beauty pageant wraps SASHES
Bit of information DATUM
Born's partner BRED
Brother of Cain ABEL
Captured back RETOOK
Celebrity cook Curry AYESHA
Change states, in a way MELT
City northeast of Lake Tahoe RENO
Cleo's killer ASP
Close at hand NEAR
College military org ROTC
College such as Brown IVY
Copenhagen citizen DANE
Court case LAWSUIT
Crystal-lined rock GEODE
Dell products PCS
Diamonds from the ocean, say? SEACARBON
Dresses in DONS
Earned MADE
Egg cells OVA
Even scores TIES
Figurehead's place on a ship PROW
Improvise jazzily VAMP
Insult DISS
iPhone assistant SIRI
Island chain? LEI
Clues Answers
It may need massaging EGO
Japanese comics style MANGA
Kimono closer OBI
Long tale SAGA
Long-eared beast ASS
Look at an antiseptic? EYEIODINE
Maker of Prime Cuts dog food ALPO
Marathoner's legs? STAMINA
Michelle of "Everything Everywhere All at Once" YEOH
Mine finds ORES
Name hidden in "she loves me not" ESME
One charges for housecleaning ROOMBA
One- or two-letter part of a periodic table entry, and a hint to the starts of 20-, 27-, 39- and 47-Across ATOMICSYMBOL
Out of town AWAY
Pea or bean LEGUME
Place to order a beer BAR
Pong maker ATARI
Present and future TENSES
Pub game DARTS
Question about the availability of a gas for signs? ANYNEON
Sandwich man? EARL
Shakespeare's river AVON
She ___ (man cave relative) SHED
Shelter with a flap TENT
Signs off on OKS
Skilled in ADEPTAT
Spanish for "that" ESA
Spumante source ASTI
Substantial MEATY
Tear off DETACH
The Emerald Isle IRELAND
Treasure containers CHESTS
Typical SAT taker TEEN
Vaper's device ECIG
Walk while worried PACE
What one might say if pennies started being made of only zinc? SEEYOUCOPPER
Win all the games SWEEP
Winter hrs. in Chicago CST