Family Time - May 8 2023

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Clues Answers
"I'm better than everyone else" problem EGO
"___ on Me" (Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande song) RAIN
Abound TEEM
Belonging to the dude in the cape HIS
Brain output IDEA
Butter unit PAT
Certain orchestra woodwind OBOE
Charles Schulz, to Charlie Brown and Snoopy CREATOR
Conductor's stick BATON
Cross-country event RACE
Curve ARC
Day care attendee TOT
Deer's daughter DOE
Defeat a dragon, like a shining knight SLEW
Definitely needing some clothes NUDE
Digit on your foot TOE
Disney's "The Apple Dumpling ___" GANG
Dog category BREED
Encountered a new human MET
First woman EVE
Fled on foot RAN
Flower bud holder STEM
Food for swine SLOP
Good thing on a bad hair day HAT
Have yet another birthday AGE
Ink holder PEN
It's sticky when applied to a road TAR
Leave out on purpose OMIT
Like a 93-degree day HOT
Lots of quarters stacked up, e.g PILE
Luminous RADIANT
Lymph ___ NODE
Motionless IDLE
Clues Answers
Negative conjunction NOR
Nervously uncomfortable ANTSY
Non-glossy, as a photo finish MATTE
Obsolete preposition meaning "before" ERE
Only ONE
Padded gym surface MAT
Part of a healthy plant ROOT
Part of the kitchen window SASH
Pay for wrongdoing ATONE
Place for a pad on a dog PAW
Place for rakes and shovels SHED
Place to go after school HOME
Place to spend the night BED
Places where heroes answer alarms (2 words) FIRESTATIONS
Poison ___ (itchy plant) IVY
Right-hand person AIDE
Roman garment of old TOGA
Set edge-to-edge ABUT
Small amount TAD
Small landmass surrounded by a beach ISLE
Something you need to make an i DOT
Take cover from the seeker HIDE
Teensy WEE
The Batmobile or Lightning McQueen CAR
The last 27 books of the Bible (2 words) NEWTESTAMENT
They are excellent swimmers FISH
Turn documents into confetti SHRED
Twirl SPIN
U-turn from cooling HEATING
Water-ring preventer COASTER
Work in a play ACT
You might need this to buy a house LOAN
___ constrictor (snake) BOA