New York Times - May 7 2023

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Clues Answers
'Buona ___' (Italian greeting) SERA
'I forgot to mention ...' ALSO
'Ideas worth spreading' spinoff TEDX
'Nothing but net!' SWISH
'Obviously not, ya goof!' NOSILLY
'Oh, really?' ISIT
'Rats!' DARN
'That feels good!' AAH
'That's wild!,' in a modern spelling WOAH
'The way I see it ...,' via texts IMO
'___ luego' HASTA
Abbr. in ancient dates BCE
Accomplished DID
Acorn-loving duo CHIPANDDALE
Actress Ullmann LIV
Alertly responsive (to) ATTUNED
Astronaut Ellen of shuttle missions OCHOA
Augurs BODES
Available for rental, to Brits ONHIRE
Award-winning sci-fi author Bacigalupi PAOLO
Awards for ad campaigns CLIOS
Bay Area sch UCSF
Between-the-shoulder-blades annoyance ITCH
Blow away AMAZE
Bone at the base of the spine SACRUM
Brinks EVES
Bucking beast, informally BRONC
Came to attention, say STOOD
Can spare a few moments HASTIME
Canada's House of Commons has 338 of them, in brief MPS
Card table declaration IPASS
Challenge for a cleaner STY
Chef/food writer Samin ___ NOSRAT
City that hosts an annual Pirate Festival TAMPA
Come in handy AVAIL
Comedian Margaret CHO
County between London and the North Sea ESSEX
Dad, in Korean APPA
Demure kisses PECKS
Denies knowing anything about DISAVOWS
Digs in a forest NEST
Donned, as a silky dress SLIDINTO
Dramatic action-movie effect SLOWMOTION
Drummer's setup KIT
Durable wood OAK
Emily Dickinson's hometown AMHERST
Family nickname SIS
Fast-food offering that may come with a toy KIDSMEAL
First president of the Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots EARHART
Flour variety with a palindromic name ATTA
Food served with gari and wasabi SUSHI
Gloater's words ITOLDYOUSO
Go quietly SNEAK
Good way to be regarded HIGHLY
Half of a leaf RECTO
Harmonize SYNC
Have an emotional impact on TOUCH
Have because of OWETO
Hebrew for 'head' ROSH
Hither and ___ YON
Hoity-toity UPPISH
Home of Grace Hopper College YALE
Hong Kong action hero who frequently collaborated with John Woo CHOWYUNFAT
Human, e.g APE
In fine ___ FETTLE
Instrument in Joan Tower's 'Island Prelude' OBOE
Invited over HADIN
Italian nickname SAL
Clues Answers
Jersey call MOO
King, in Portuguese REI
Lake that's home to South Bass Island ERIE
Large dog breed MASTIFF
Learn through the grapevine HEAR
Legally void status NULLITY
Less-than-demure kiss SMOOCH
Like a bellowing crowd AROAR
Like ceramics FIRED
Link, of a sort URL
Literary theme, from the Greek TOPOS
Loafers, e.g SLIPONSHOES
Makes crispy TOASTS
Meaning SENSE
Meeting, informally SESH
Member of a kingdom that spans the globe ANIMAL
Métro area? PARIS
Mo. for Canadian Thanksgiving OCT
More intense FIERCER
Move slowly INCH
Movement for a finger or a tail WAG
Mudhole wallower HIPPO
November honorees VETS
Object for binding contracts STAPLE
Oily sauce PESTO
One-pip card ACE
Ones making mistakes BLUNDERERS
Ostentatious behavior SHOWBOATING
Pail for feeding pigs SLOPBUCKET
Part of b.p.s PER
Participate in a pledge drive DONATE
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Person living between Liberia and Ghana IVORIAN
Place to run some tests LAB
Portrayer of Princess Diana on 'The Crown' EMMACORRIN
Prestige CACHET
Prevaricating LYING
Produce speedily, with 'out' WHIP
Rap battle participants MCS
Restaurant pick-up option? CHOPSTICKS
Reusable shopping bags TOTES
Rosalind of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' CHAO
Run into the ground OVERUSE
Salsa variety, casually PICO
Scrabble rating system ELO
Secretly surveil SPYON
Selection of appetizers in Greek and Turkish restaurants MEZE
Septet in a Christmas carol SWANS
Singer Amos TORI
Some Pacific salmon COHOS
Steam trains, in the 19th century IRONHORSES
Stylish CHIC
The artist François Boucher said that it was 'too green and badly lit' NATURE
The false killer whale resembles it ORCA
Thought experiment that asks whether an object remains the same object if its parts are replaced one by one SHIPOFTHESEUS
Thought experiment that asks whether an object remains the same object if its parts are replaced one by one SHIPOFTHESEUS
Thwart the interrogators CLAMUP
Tidy up NEATEN
Twin bed? BUNK
U.K. movie award BAFTA
Unit equivalent to 4.184 joules CALORIE
Use crayons COLOR
World Cup org FIFA
___ funny HAHA
___ Mangeshkar, Indian singer known as the 'Queen of Melody' LATA
___ Pet CHIA
___ Rachel Wood of 'Kajillionaire' EVAN
___ Redivivus (first-century myth about an emperor's reappearance) NERO
___ tide NEAP