Wall Street Journal - May 6 2023 - By the Nvmbers

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Clues Answers
“Earth in the Balance” author ALGORE
“We’re ___ Here!” (album by the Ramones) OUTTA
“You Bet Your Life” host since 2021 LENO
“___ Have” (2003 #1 hit for Jennifer Lopez with LL Cool J) ALLI
1 adviser to a wizard? IMAGECONSULTANT
10 counseling sessions for a devilfish? XRAYTHERAPIES
100 art galleries? CHANGINGROOMS
1000 high-ranking officers besides the obvious ones? MOTHERSUPERIORS
5 members of a female bowling league? VALLEYGIRLS
50 dark brown face cards? LUMBERJACKS
500 pieces of balsa wood? DRAFTBOARDS
A planchette is used with it OUIJA
Adorably innocent ANGELIC
Amused expression GRIN
Amused giggle HEEHEE
Arboretum item TREE
Arlene and Roald, for two DAHLS
Bar supply ICE
Baseball brawl RHUBARB
Big lug GALOOT
Bombastic talk GAS
Bottom-row PC key ALT
Boxer Mossely who won gold at the Rio Olympics ESTELLE
Call from a net judge LET
Caramel-colored beverage COLA
Case overturned in 2022, familiarly ROE
Casual quality EASE
Circumference of the track at Churchill Downs MILE
Color DYE
Common people MASSES
Cool, like a cool cat HEP
Cost as much as RUNTO
Coup groups JUNTAS
Creator of Oz BAUM
Crunch targets ABS
Cry from a verklempt person OYVEY
Damage HARM
Davis with two Best Actress Oscars BETTE
Dawn goddess EOS
Demanding constant attention NEEDY
Didn’t just giggle ROARED
Diner dish HASH
Energize, as a crowd AMPUP
Enjoy greatly DIG
Et cetera ANDSOON
Even numbers? TIE
Experience again RELIVE
Fail to field, as a ground ball BOOT
Fairway makeup TURF
Family boy SON
Firmly in place, as beliefs DEEPSET
Flourishes BLOOMS
Folk music’s Woody GUTHRIE
Fourth-yr. students SRS
Futile NOUSE
Gossip, in slang TEA
Great American Ball Park team REDS
Harden ENURE
Hulk and Thor, for two AVENGERS
Impudent talk LIP
Internet language that includes “n00b” and “pwn’d” LEET
Is on the same page AGREES
Isn’t upright LEANS
It might be stuck in a trunk AXHEAD
It’s next to chlorine on the periodic table ARGON
Its lair is called a holt OTTER
Jamaican spirits RUMS
James Brown album of 1988 IMREAL
Clues Answers
Jemison who spent almost eight days in space MAE
Katy Perry and Serena Williams are ambassadors for it UNICEF
Kittenish PLAYFUL
Lair DEN
Like Afghanistan’s Pashtun people TRIBAL
Like some goodbyes TEARY
Maker of Coolpix cameras NIKON
Marseille monarch ROI
Milieu for John Muir SIERRAS
Nation on the Gulf of Guinea TOGO
Neighbor of Arg. and Braz BOL
Neil Diamond hit of 1977 DESIREE
No longer with the team, perhaps TRADED
Notes at night TAPS
Nuisances for neat freaks MESSES
Nutrition info abbr RDA
Official order DECREE
Orchestra setting PIT
Paul Anka’s “___ Beso” ESO
Penta- doubled DECA
Plymouth Rock, essentially GRANITE
Practitioner of crystal healing, perhaps NEWAGER
Pre-DVR device VCR
Prepare to put away, as groceries UNBAG
President Bartlet’s nickname, on “The West Wing” JED
Prologue follower ACTI
Protects from danger SHELTERS
Region of France, in Roman times ALSATIA
Remove with a pinch NIPOFF
Request for permission MAYI
Resting state REPOSE
Router’s creation GROOVE
Sacred asp-shaped symbols of the pharaohs URAEUSES
Sacred scrolls TORAHS
Sailor with a pipe POPEYE
Sch. for young ones ELEM
Sch. with an annual Mystery Hunt MIT
Seas, to Seurat MERS
Self-conscious question ISITME
Service group, of a sort CHOIR
Simile center ASA
Soft ball brand NERF
Spots for yachts BASINS
Stadium attendance GATE
Standing on ATOP
Stare stupidly, in Britain GAWP
Strongly advised URGED
Strongly criticize REVILE
Swimmer’s count LAPS
Swinging spot HOME
Tart fruit SLOE
They follow cues ARS
Title character in Anne Rice’s “The Mummy” RAMSES
Topi or toque HAT
Touchdown maker AIRPLANE
Tubes in torsi AORTAE
Unlikely to occur REMOTE
Upper limit CAP
Visiting Venice, say ABROAD
Volt/ampere OHM
Ward worker NURSE
Welcome GREET
Where Excalibur was forged AVALON