New York Times - May 6 2023

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Clues Answers
'Don't worry about us!' WEREOK
'So rude!' THENERVE
'The 1619 Project' publisher, for short NYT
'___ hurt' CANT
2018 inductee into the Toy Hall of Fame UNO
Abbr. in a Car and Driver review MPG
Amount of resistance OHMAGE
Author Susan whom Meryl Streep portrayed in 'Adaptation' ORLEAN
Bad sound from an engine CLUNK
Beat in a bake-off? WHISK
Calls incorrectly MISNAMES
Cassette forerunners REELTOREELTAPES
Certain movement supporters CANES
Classic Jonathan Swift satire AMODESTPROPOSAL
College-level course for H.S. coders APCS
Cries after un gran gol de fútbol OLES
Debt notes CHITS
Extremely hot peppers named for their scythelike tails CAROLINAREAPERS
Fabric whose name may derive from its country of origin CHINO
Fertile mixtures LOAMS
Gradually eliminate, with 'out' PHASE
Grocery list listing EGGS
Happy exclamation YES
Highlighters and such MAKEUP
Home of Switzerland's oldest university BASEL
Hybrid video game genre ACTIONADVENTURE
Individually, in a way ALACARTE
Inflates the ego of, with 'up' GASSES
Intense movement CRUSADE
It allows a swimmer to float more easily SALTLAKE
Jangeo, in Korean cuisine EEL
Karine Jean-___, White House media person beginning in 2022 PIERRE
Clues Answers
Like much 1960s activism PROPEACE
Like some nondairy milks OATBASED
Mathematician Weierstrass dubbed the 'father of modern analysis' KARL
Mens ___ REA
Mother of Cronus and Rhea GAIA
Much-viewed showdown of 1975 THRILLAINMANILA
Nation that moved east of the International Date Line in 1892 and west of it in 2011 SAMOA
Neutral pH SEVEN
Nondominant personalities BETAS
One traveling by daylight? SOLARCAR
Org. for the New England Revolution MLS
Participate in a joint session? SMOKE
Prepares for a surprise party HIDES
Quarreled SPATTED
Recreation area PLAYROOM
Register ENROLL
Remark while browsing an old photo album ... or 'Guilty as charged!' THATSME
Scheme PLOT
See 11-Down SEATS
Silk ___ (hairstyling method) PRESS
Some salad veggies CUKES
Takes off, with 'it' BOOKS
Tear apart RIPOPEN
They go into outlets PRONGS
Things placed in vases STEMS
Toddlers' 26-Down, sometimes LAPS
TV medical reporter Sanjay GUPTA
Two-dimensional PLANAR
Vehicles in a Nintendo racing game KARTS
Voting rights activist Abrams STACEY
What a helicopter might fly out of? MAPLE
___ stick (frequent Jean-Michel Basquiat medium) OIL