The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,056 - May 5 2023

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Clues Answers
& 13 Average attendance-dependent choice of venues for open-air bash? COMMONOR
& 23 Investing emaciated weakling, man licensed to act provocatively? RUNTHE
& 28 Across This line of song may explain the down beat (1,10,3,2,3,1,5,3) APOLICEMANSLOT
A pair learning winter sports here? TYROL
Beagle: Journey's End following On the Origin of Species, revolutionary work SNOOPY
Conservative £1 game chasing Supreme Being essentially works CONCERTIGROSSI
Current second home for Biden over home for some Europeans SUOMI
Daft suggestions for boosting mass production around plant CUCKOOSPIT
Douglas here loves watching Messi notching his first! ISLEOFMAN
Educable hairdresser regularly cut artist, say RITA
Is able to love a bit on the side? MAYO
Large diamonds kept in proper condition by British Earl LORDDERBY
Letter for Ms Mouskouri which children will give singer? NUTHATCH
Misguided aim of overpowering attacks? Sadly, yes IMAFRAIDSO
Clues Answers
Miss who's looking after Cecily -- a divisive figure? PRISM
Miss who's typing letters for Hercule -- she's useless LEMON
On donkey, railing against big lab ASCONCERNS
Prepare physically for meeting rail service from London? Traindown
Preserver of old tea is boarding craft ARCHAIST
Ready for 'walkies' trick? LEADON
See 12 Across GARDEN
See 22 Across GAUNTLET
Starring part in show, I think WITH
Tripe! Head GP turning stomachs was out of order CODSWALLOP
Walls of church wiped with oily rag irked leading group OLIGARCHY
What may be spotted among overhasty posts TYPO
What scout's involved with old currency on a break? TALENTSPOTTING