USA Today - Jun 14 2023

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Clues Answers
'Also . . .' PLUS
'Been there!' ICANRELATE
'By that logic . . .' ERGO
'Eternals' actress Hayek SALMA
'Got a ___?' SEC
'Hello,' in Portuguese OLA
'I can explain' HEARMEOUT
'In memoriam' bio OBIT
'In This Our Life' actress Davis BETTE
'So true!' AMEN
Adolescent TEEN
Agree out of court SETTLE
Allowed by law LEGAL
Amphitheater level TIER
Announce a candidacy JOINTHERACE
Big Apple baseball player YANKEE
Bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Clarified butter GHEE
Common PNW forecast RAIN
Creative notion IDEA
Distinct period ERA
Earnest appeal PLEA
Empty talk HOTAIR
Fail to mention OMIT
Fail to notice MISS
Feats of remarkable bravery HEROICACTS
Female grouse of the western U.S SAGEHEN
Formation at a river's mouth DELTA
French for 'she' ELLE
Garage band sessions JAMS
George Clinton genre FUNK
George Takei's 'Star Trek' role SULU
Have a look at SEE
High-pitched woodwind OBOE
Hongcha and matcha TEAS
Hopping mad IRATE
Hot tub nozzle JET
Interpol's city in France LYON
Island nation west of Tonga FIJI
Clues Answers
K2 or Fuji (Abbr.) MTN
Key for starting a new paragraph ENTER
Largest fencing sword EPEE
Lawyers' agencies FIRMS
Leafy green used to make chips KALE
Like days of yore OLDEN
Like sashimi RAW
Makes a choice OPTS
Marine mammal SEAL
Messy place STY
No ___ traffic THRU
Nutrients in pasta and rice CARBS
Opposite of rural URBAN
Parking lots can have lots of them CARS
Phonetic alphabet grp NATO
Prefix for 'cultural' and 'purpose' MULTI
Rescue for a stranded driver TOW
Rested on a bench SAT
Road trip lodging INN
Road with heavy traffic BUSYSTREET
Smash success HIT
Social media pest TROLL
Spill the beans TELL
Tax prep experts CPAS
Termite's home NEST
Took a risk DARED
Took without asking STOLE
Touch borders with ABUT
Treatment for menopausal and trans women HRT
Treats with a bag of frozen peas, for example ICES
Walks proudly STRUTS
What a manager might evaluate before giving a raise JOBPERFORMANCE
Work boot tip TOECAP
Wrap up END
Wrought-___ fence IRON
Yucca that gives its name to a California national park JOSHUATREE
___-friendly ECO
___-pop (music genre) ALT