Universal - May 5 2023

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Clues Answers
"Jumping Jehoshaphat!" GADZOOKS
"Let's get going" COMEON
"Now I get it" AHA
"Secret" or "special" person AGENT
"The Bling Ring" star Watson EMMA
"___-Dick; or, The Whale" MOBY
A braggart might have a big one EGO
All too quick HASTY
Banish EXILE
Big Apple news source, for short NYT
Black or Red thing in an atlas SEA
Business abbr INC
Clever humor WIT
Clumsy INEPT
Curtain hanger ROD
Cut down on REDUCE
Defrost THAW
Diplomatic messenger ENVOY
Discarded CPUs, cellphones, etc EWASTE
Documents that view all six sides of an issue? HEXAGONPAPERS
Friendly NICE
Fruit often in lassi MANGO
Fun-size MINI
Garment that might say "World's best chef" APRON
Get a look at SEE
Hard-boiled film genre NOIR
Ice Bucket Challenge letters ALS
If's counterpart in coding ELSE
Immunologist Anthony FAUCI
Kindergartner's basics ABCS
Like most Yemenis, ethnically ARAB
Lines on a tourist map ROADS
Lion's cry ROAR
Make void ANNUL
Memorial Day's month MAY
Milk carton amts QTS
Musical title role for Richard Pryor and Queen Latifah THEWIZ
Noble gas used in wine preservation ARGON
Clues Answers
Olympics sword EPEE
Online message EMAIL
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Paintball injury WELT
Part of a baseball uniform CAP
Pie ___ mode ALA
PlayStation 5 maker SONY
Powered down OFF
Prefix for "second" or "technology" NANO
Prophetic signs OMENS
Put on DON
Puts a curse on HEXES
Puts a stop to ENDS
Quarterback Newton CAM
Rage IRE
Rams' mates EWES
Rowing tools OARS
Sailor's speed unit or rope fastener KNOT
Sculpt CARVE
Seductive and dangerous lure SIRENSONG
Sgt., e.g NCO
Shakespearean lover ROMEO
Sketched out DREW
Small whirlpool EDDY
Soccer legend Hamm MIA
Sounded bullish? MOOED
South American city that hosted part of the 2014 World Cup BRASILIA
Stinging nettle sensations ITCHES
Svalbard's country NORWAY
The five-step, perhaps? PENTAGONDANCING
Tractor manufacturer DEERE
Unhip person from an Atlantic island? BERMUDASQUARE
Upbeat and high-spirited EXUBERANT
Use a shovel DIG
Woman on the cover of all but one issue of O OPRAH
X or Y on a graph AXIS
Young 'un TOT
Zilch NADA
___ Felix Jr. (Disney character) FIXIT