New York Times - May 5 2023

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Clues Answers
'Impish Fruit' artist, 1943 HANSARP
'Same ___' HERE
1983 Herbie Hancock funk classic ROCKIT
Appeasement SOP
Asa Butterfield's role on 'Sex Education' OTIS
Award-winning PBS docuseries NOVA
Big name in house speakers BOSE
Bunny slope option MINISKI
Chalet alternatives AFRAMES
Creator of Aunt Annie and Benjamin B. Bickelbaum DRSEUSS
Crossover, for one SUV
Cub Scout den leader AKELA
Delivery person's uniform SCRUBS
Diplomatic professional ENVOY
Doctor's order BEDREST
Dum-dum MORON
Epic fails? PLOTHOLES
First animated dinosaur GERTIE
First name in civil rights ROSA
First prime minister of an independent India NEHRU
Frontline workers, to many HEROES
Growth area for many WOMB
Had dreams, presumably SLEPT
Holders of many long-handled forks FONDUEPOTS
Indecisive child's first word, perhaps EENIE
Intrigue ALLURE
Joint chief of staff? WARDEN
Kickoff START
Leeward island where Alexander Hamilton was born NEVIS
Like a set without a break, in tennis ONSERVE
Like oocytes OVULAR
Little romance, maybe EASYREAD
Malady that rhymes with the area it affects STYE
Clues Answers
Mandlikova with four Grand Slam tournament wins HANA
Muscles that stretch during pregnancy ABS
Needle work TATTOO
Nellie Tayloe ___, first female governor of a U.S. state (Wyoming) ROSS
Networking group? ITSUPPORT
One way to reach a distant star FANLETTER
Owl-light DUSK
Pantheon of Norse gods AESIR
Part of many soccer team names UNITED
Planet with a Wookieepedia page TATOOINE
Popular TikTok character HASHTAG
Prefix on the links HTTP
Ransomware threat DATALOSS
Series opener BOOKONE
Silly sallies WISECRACKS
Source of the Amazon River PERU
Sources of some dings ALERTS
Take a broad view? PAN
Telly on the telly, once SAVALAS
That's incredible! TALLTALE
The odd thing about laundry ONESOCK
They may be shaken, but not stirred FISTS
Traveler's approx ETA
Try for SEEK
Tulipieres, e.g VASES
Vital concern PULSERATE
Was visually exciting POPPED
Went like a bat out of hell TORE
What a graph may show TREND
Whatever ANY
Words after a commercial break WEREBACK