- Jan 21 2011

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Clues Answers
''Don't tell me!'' OHNO
40 Across and 40 Across TWO
A quarter of four ONE
Actor Epps OMAR
Add fuel to the fire STOKE
Alternative word ELSE
Atlas section ASIA
Books experts CPAS
Broadloom calculation AREA
Brouhaha SETTO
Byline, e.g. CREDIT
Care for LIKE
Cartoon section PANEL
Chicago suburb OAKPARK
Claret quality NOSE
Come clean, with ''up'' FESS
Computer connection PORT
Conned GOT
Dashboard letters MPH
Day demarcation NOON
Dieter of rhyme SPRAT
Difficult to please FUSSY
Divide PART
Draws conclusions INFERS
Driving needs TEES
Election day: Abbr. TUE
Far from generous SKIMPY
Feelings, informally VIBES
Fire up ANGER
Fort attacked in ''Goldfinger'' KNOX
Frat letter SIGMA
Gal pal, in Grenoble AMIE
Garner REAP
Go wrong ERR
Goes out with SEES
Heading on a blackboard assignment DONOW
Hindu sage SWAMI
Honorary Oscar recipient of 2003 OTOOLE
Clues Answers
Hope/Crosby film of '46 ROADTOUTOPIA
Justice head under Clinton RENO
Late-night TV nickname DAVE
Level RAZE
Lip annoyance CHAP
Luxury retail chain SAKSFIFTHAVENUE
Michael Landon series HIGHWAYTOHEAVEN
Mideast capital CAIRO
More skilled ABLER
Natural-history museum attraction TREX
Nutrition initials RDA
One from Brigham City UTAHAN
Open nature CANDOR
Part of a cardinal's wardrobe REDHAT
Peevishness BILE
Quite some way away AFAR
Random House imprint KNOPF
Russo of film RENE
Sail off course YAW
Scholarship recipient, perhaps ATHLETE
Shortened preposition TWEEN
Sitting pretty financially ONEASYSTREET
Sky hue AZURE
Small stinger WASP
Some briefs BVDS
State confidently AVER
Stein filler ALE
Surgeon's ''patient'' TREE
Take it that PRESUME
Telejournalist Zahn PAULA
Tom's ''A Few Good Men'' costar DEMI
Top bond rating AAA
Towel term HERS
Town near Le Havre CAEN
Transit patrons RIDERS
Very attentive RAPT
Wild canine WOLF
Yuletide symbol HOLLY