New York Times - Apr 28 2023

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Clues Answers
'I think I can see a future with him' ITSSERIOUS
'Where do all of these keep coming from?!' ANOTHERONE
'___ born by the river / In a little tent' (start of Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is Gonna Come') IWAS
'___ was!' ('No way!,' in German) ACH
'___-haw!' YEE
Activist LaDuke who was twice a Green Party vice-presidential candidate WINONA
Actress Mitchell of 'Pretty Little Liars' SHAY
Asian wrap SARI
Bad mouths? SNEERS
Bird named for a Titan RHEA
Buzzkill's response while playing Would You Rather NEITHER
Cautionary conjunction LEST
Coral arrangement ATOLL
Curing agent SALT
Deification APOTHEOSIS
Division of Comcast NBC
French film director Varda AGNES
Fruit also called a wax gourd WINTERMELON
Ghanaian city that's an anagram of 27-Down TEMA
Gil Scott-Heron poem inspired by 1969 events WHITEYONTHEMOON
Glam rock pieces? GEODES
High key ESC
Hollow, perhaps LAIR
Japanese masked drama NOH
King of verse COLE
Knife cut SLIT
Lead-in to mail or box VOICE
Lift up EXALT
Literary stand-in for Christ ASLAN
Looks over EYES
Lover of Rochester, in fiction EYRE
Lump NUB
Major lobby in D.C NEA
Man known for his morals AESOP
Middle section TORSO
Mouthy? ORAL
Clues Answers
New York Liberty, e.g TEAM
Not following, maybe LOST
On, say LIT
One eating a lot of wings INSECTIVORE
One may be ordered 'con todo' TACO
Panels at anime conventions MANGA
Part of a paw print PAD
Participates in a Seder, say SUPS
Poetic considerations METERS
Priceless, in a way NOTFORSALE
Provider of a broad world view ATLAS
Range just below 55-Down TENOR
Sactown's locale CALI
Scar line? ROAR
See 24-Down ALTO
Select words? ICHOOSEYOU
Sexy selfie posted on social media, in lingo THIRSTTRAP
Sitcom joke involving a change in setting CUTAWAYGAG
Sledding site HILL
Sounds of uncertainty ERS
Surname that's also transliterated as Zuo TSO
System for servers UNIX
Text that's often an exaggeration LOL
Theater inits AMC
This old thing? RELIC
Translation of 'torah' LAW
Turning points ROTORS
Way more than ne'er OFT
What plastic wrap is designed for ONETIMEUSE
Where the first five counting numbers are 'üks kaks kolm neli viis' ESTONIA
World capital on the Aker River OSLONORWAY
World capital whose last two letters are its first two letters upside down MOSCOW
Zesty liqueur LIMONCELLO
[This is looking very bad for me] GULP
___ Nguyen Dan (celebration of spring) TET
___ something ONTO