New York Times - Apr 24 2023

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Clues Answers
'Don't ___ the bear' POKE
'The Wire' actor Idris ELBA
'Way cool!' NEATO
Activist Parks ROSA
Alternative to Google Reviews YELP
Amazed INAWE
Author L. Frank ___ BAUM
Basic bicycle trick WHEELIE
Be in debt OWE
Beat by a lot, informally THUMP
Benzoyl peroxide targets PIMPLES
Blockheads DOLTS
Brooks who has won the four EGOT awards MEL
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Certain nest egg, in brief IRA
Childhood nickname for Darth Vader ANI
Chunk of cash WAD
Comedian Margaret CHO
Comic book superheroine whose name is an anagram of SHARE SHERA
Common iced tea garnish LEMON
Crackle, as a fire SPIT
Decide one will OPTTO
Didn't leave STAYED
Do slightly better than ONEUP
Docking locales PIERS
Drink like a cat ... or a place for a cat LAP
Edible parts of an ear CORNKERNELS
Faux ___ PAS
Foldable part of a Twister game MAT
Former House speaker Nancy PELOSI
Formerly known as NEE
Freshly grated cheese at a trattoria PARMESAN
Goofs up ERRS
Group of experts at a discussion PANEL
High points ACMES
High-I.Q. society MENSA
Humanoid robot who appears in all nine 'Star Wars' episodes, informally THREEPIO
Illicit poppy product OPIUM
Involuntary muscle contractions SPASMS
Clues Answers
Iowa college town AMES
Item smashed before a ship's maiden voyage CHAMPAGNEBOTTLE
Itty-bitty TEENSY
Jewelry fastener CLASP
John Philip ___, 'The March King' SOUSA
Kitchen brand that could be a losing tic-tac-toe line OXO
Klutz's cry OOPS
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Leonardo DiCaprio role in a 1996 Shakespeare adaptation ROMEO
Long-handled garden tool HOE
Looked sleazily LEERED
Major blood vessel AORTA
Many a pet shelter pet, at one point STRAY
Meg who played each of the three female leads in 'Joe Versus the Volcano' RYAN
Nobles above viscounts EARLS
Old Testament book between Daniel and Joel HOSEA
Once-sacred slitherers ASPS
One of many for a Swiss Army knife USE
One-act Oscar Wilde tragedy SALOME
Palindromic preposition in poems ERE
Perfect places EDENS
Pig's pad STY
Pilot and Civic manufacturer HONDA
Praise to the skies EXALT
Prefix with natal NEO
Ready to respond, as a doctor ONCALL
Regarding ASTO
Second-largest world religion ISLAM
See 7-Down READER
Shindig BASH
Slangy question of greeting ... or a hint to 18-, 23-, 40- and 53-Across WHATSPOPPIN
Speak hoarsely RASP
Speed ___ (fast driver) DEMON
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Windshield clearer WIPER
With 25-Across, digital magazine with the slogan 'Cure ignorance' UTNE
Word before rest or wrestle ARM
Yammerer's sentence type RUNON
___ or nothing ALL