L.A. Times Daily - Apr 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"Amor & Pasión" popera vocal group ILDIVO
"I wasn't finished!" WAIT
"Julius Caesar" accusation ETTU
"No refunds" transaction FINALSALE
"One Mic" rapper NAS
"Sula" novelist Morrison TONI
"Summertime Sadness" singer Lana Del __ REY
"That hits the spot" AAH
"The Bachelor" network ABC
"You'll see--this'll be easy!" ITSASNAP
"__ Miz" LES
2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwyane WADE
Actress Courteney COX
Actress Dennings KAT
Affirms AVERS
Animal shelter goal ADOPTION
Atmosphere AURA
Avec's opposite SANS
Barber's tool COMB
Bathroom or kitchen device SCALE
Beer pong receptacles CUPS
Biceps, slangily GUNS
Bird in Mo Willems books PIGEON
Blackboard chore ERASING
BTS genre KPOP
Buffalo NHL player SABRE
Camper's snack GORP
Campy 1970s music genre GLAMROCK
Cape Cod alcohol VODKA
CBS sportscaster Phil SIMMS
Charter LEASE
Chocolate chips and walnuts for banana bread, perhaps ADDINS
Clemson athletes TIGERS
Concert wind OBOE
Couple TWO
Crime drama character COP
Crunch time target? ABS
Disdainful sounds TSKS
Drudge PEON
Early Beatles bassist Sutcliffe STU
Eclipsed OUTDID
Enlighten EDIFY
Equine hue ROAN
Euripides tragedy MEDEA
Evian, e.g.? WATERTITAN
Exclamation at a Chinese New Year parade? WHATADRAGON
Family nickname PAPA
Fishers with pots EELERS
Fix, in a way RIG
Fizzless drink FLATSODA
Flamenco shout OLE
Former Queen of Jordan NOOR
Freshly ANEW
Furry foot PAW
Genetic letters DNA
Giant fair EXPO
Girl Scout's outfit? TROOP
Gp. founded in Baghdad in 1960 OPEC
Greetings HELLOS
Groom feathers PREEN
Had a victory WONONE
Hammer-wielding superhero in Marvel films THOR
Hartford's st CONN
Havana cigar that hits all the right notes? PERFECTCUBAN
Hindu or Buddhist spiritual leader YOGINI
Homemade cat costume? DIYKITTEN
Hosp. theaters ORS
Ilhan of Congress OMAR
Inventory list ITEMS
Jojo Moyes novel about a woman starting a new life STILLME
Clues Answers
Joule fraction ERG
Kite aids UPDRAFTS
Least rainy DRIEST
Letter closer SEAL
Like a rave review FIVESTAR
Lima __ BEAN
Longtime Takei role MRSULU
Lotus position, e.g ASANA
Lunch spot, for short CAF
Luvs product DIAPER
Mario Kart participant RACER
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Morgan of Arthurian legend LEFAY
Motivation DRIVE
Move or groove VERB
Observation at a zoo's big cat exhibit? THATISALION
Old den device VCR
Old music halls ODEA
Older "Frozen" sister ELSA
Org. for Cardinals and Saints NFL
Organ with alveoli LUNG
Party gift FAVOR
Pictures of characters ASCIIART
Pixar fish DORY
Polka __ DOTS
Prof's deg., often PHD
Receptacle BIN
Sammie SUB
Scattered population DIASPORA
Schoolyard retort ARESO
Skin care brand in blue containers NIVEA
Smooths, as wood SANDS
So tired of eating pork for breakfast? OVERBACON
Soaks (up) SOPS
Sound from a nest CHEEP
Sound from a pen OINK
Spoke without a sound? ELIDED
Start discussing GOINTO
Start of an idea GERM
Steamed bun BAO
Stop posting on social media, say GODARK
Stunt pilot AEROBAT
Sunset shade ORANGE
Sushi roll exterior ALGAE
Tax form digits SSN
Texas city featured in most "Fixer Upper" episodes WACO
Texting nicety PLS
This second NOW
Timetable listings STOPS
To whom a young sea monster goes for advice? WISEKRAKEN
Top squads ATEAMS
Top-notch SUPERB
Trawling need NET
Unaided SOLO
Understand SEE
Untamed WILD
Unusually low tax bill? LITTLEBURDEN
Urge on GOAD
URL letters WWW
Very soon after UPON
Viswanathan who was the first chess grandmaster from India ANAND
Went unused SATIDLE
Whine tearfully SNIVEL
Wiccans, Druids, etc PAGANS
Words said after lighting birthday candles MAKEAWISH
Wraps up ENDS
[I have to explain this again?] DEEPSIGH
__-chic BOHO