The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9198

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Clues Answers
Aristocrat NOBLE
Blaze; sack from a job FIRE
Cause continuing annoyance RANKLE
Clinging crustacean BARNACLE
Cruise ship LINER
Embarrassed red-faced
Enticed LURED
Finely chopped meat MINCE
Have cause to be suspicious smell a rat
In a state of nakedness au naturel
Intelligent CLEVER
Lack of supplies or resources SHORTAGE
Clues Answers
Not subject to tax or liability EXEMPT
Optical instrument TELESCOPE
Prize money STAKES
Rear surface; put money on BACK
Short-sighted MYOPIC
Small biting fly MIDGE
Small restaurant BISTRO
Sports team SIDE
Strike with the foot KICK
Under ---, compelled or coerced by force DURESS
Unhappy UPSET
Weighty load BURDEN