The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28564

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Clues Answers
A part of the body in which one is most painful ACHIEST
An unknown draught in front part of room? bay window
Archdeacon coming to Italian city — good undertaking VENTURING
Beastly European's left dry BRUT
Beautiful female bird crossing sides of lake HELEN
Bell possibly attached to head of awful monster CHIMERA
Bit to eat, not cold, before a dance RUMBA
Climber is needing energy in repeated runs RISER
Convinced cleric currently upset about nothing won over
Explosive ingredient: colonel rules it must be deployed nitrocellulose
Fan with flower, conveying X? DEVOTEE
French soldier following horse and carriage HACKNEY
Good person spoke — had trouble with speech STUTTERED
Great Dane on the loose in outside refreshment area tea garden
Greeting Swiss city at start of evening, be out for a long time HIBERNATE
Clues Answers
Having passageways or a road invaded by rebel ARCADED
Hint received by an old cleric who may be Victorian ANTIPODEAN
Managed to travel on train avoiding wet times got by
More than one prison is a pit internee gathered again PENITENTIARIES
Our late Queen as shown in The Times ERAS
Pick up pounds, having additional merit LEARN
Showing courage, in hurry, being unable to hear? FEARLESSLY
Sort of sound was weirdly going round church SCHWA
Study one supposedly monstrous location, being well prepared READINESS
The man drowning in strange fluid RHEUM
Therapy's beginning — really — through touch TACTUALLY
Time old reprobate perhaps announced for excursion day trip
Treated like little piggies etc.? pedicured
Trees and how they finish up in wood-burners? ASHES
Wild flower girl seizing knight VIOLENT