The Washington Post - Jan 9 2011

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Clues Answers
'Experience' memoirist AMIS
'Gabriel's ___' (theme from 'The Mission') OBOE
'How's ___?' THAT
1965 comedy set in Wolf City, Wyoming CATBALLOU
1995 Best Picture nominee BABE
Atomic Dome's location HIROSHIMA
Big engineering project CANAL
Company with a 'trimark' logo CITGO
Currency unit in the Legend of Zelda games RUPEE
Desire analgesics, maybe ACHE
Discredit SMIRCH
Do one's best STRIVE
Elephant ears, e.g. PASTRIES
Flamboyant lawyer's indulgence THEATRICS
Foot men? POETS
Good indication? HALO
Grievance PEEVE
Hit sound WHOP
Hole in the wall? DOOR
Howard's royal successor PARR
Hush Puppies mascot BASSET
Icebreaker, for example SHIP
In addition ELSE
It's used in supination BICEPS
It's used when making faces IDENTIKIT
Lover of Radames AIDA
Many immigrants in France ALGERIANS
McJob holder HIRELING
Meat tenderizer BRINE
Occupation of Charlie Brown's father BARBER
Oil-bearing vessel CRUET
Old Testament kingdom SHEBA
Old-fashioned ankle wear SPATS
Clues Answers
One might take your hat GUST
One who thinks Ali is the greatest? SHIITE
Oregon Trail city TOPEKA
Peak whose summit can be reached by going downward SEAMOUNT
Pet enclosure CRATE
Plain White T's No. 1 hit of 2007 HEYTHEREDELILAH
Portrayer of President Santos on 'The West Wing' SMITS
Real estate purchase TRACT
Rearward ABACK
Rebellious group TEENS
Road safety org. SADD
Saddled LADEN
Set of lightweight boxers, e.g. LITTER
Shepherd of old ABEL
Site of a 1944 naval battle LEYTE
Site of a takedown MAT
Soul singer Hendryx NONA
Stick in a cage PERCH
Swan of fiction BELLA
Title once held by Clint Eastwood MAYOR
Tuesday preceder SHROVE
Two-timer, say CAD
Unadulterated MERE
Uncomplex, as a plot LINEAR
Unreal SHAM
Vaughn's 'Psycho' co-star HECHE
Winter malady STREP
Writer whose line 'Death shall reap the braver harvest' is his epitaph BRETHARTE