New York Times - Apr 20 2023

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Clues Answers
'___ see it from my perspective ...' TRYTO
*Annual gathering of superhero fans ZOUUHEOU
*Babe-in-the-woods quality WUZWUOZZH
*Like a household with a stay-at-home parent, maybe WEOUZHWZO
*Longtime Mazda catchphrase EOONEOON
1977 Linda Ronstadt hit ITSSOEASY
Affirming words IDO
Antique tools for pressing clothes SADIRONS
Bamboozle COZEN
Best-selling 2019 memoir subtitled 'A Coming-of-Gender Story' SISSY
Brand of congestion medication SUDAFED
Capital of Brazil until 1960, informally RIO
Cog on a wheel TOOTH
Components of a hard six, in craps TREYS
Conservative, in a sense CAUTIOUS
Consider something to be DEEMIT
Desert home to the legendary Mongolian death worm GOBI
Dunderhead NITWIT
Farm delivery letters CSA
Ficus fruit FIG
Fraternity letter TAU
Fumble GOOF
Function USE
Henry Ford's sole heir EDSEL
How this puzzle's grid must be rotated in order to read the answers to the starred clues, when written in 17-Across CLOCKWISE
In keeping with ASPER
It comes and goes FAD
Jean who wrote 'Wide Sargasso Sea' RHYS
Last in a series ZEE
Last in a series NTH
Lot in Genesis, e.g WIDOWER
Lubricate again REOIL
Make broader WIDEN
Member of TV's Addams Family ITT
Mer makeup EAU
Mideast federation since 1971, in brief UAE
Mighty Patch target ZIT
More or less, in time CIRCA
Clues Answers
Moves quickly, as a cloud SCUDS
Muppet named after a character in 'Midnight Cowboy' RIZZO
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer Thomas ISIAH
Off-the-books business, perhaps CASHTRADE
Old-fashioned 'Whoopee!' HUZZAH
Olympics venue ARENA
Org. endorsing P.P.E. for workers OSHA
Overly suspicious PARANOID
Padded accounts? TALES
Papal emissary NUNCIO
Play with, as a catnip mouse PAWAT
Polite refusal NOSIR
Praises to the heavens LIONIZES
Quick bite NOSH
Really enjoy LAPUP
Refuses to WONT
River deposits SILTS
Sambuca flavoring ANISE
Señor's send-off ADIOS
Served flawlessly? ACED
Shifty type? UPPERCASE
Shortest path connecting two points on a sphere ARC
Site of a Herculean task NEMEA
Sparkly wine cocktail SPRITZ
Stick under the bed? SLAT
Subject of a fully exposed image? NUDIST
Surname of father/son actors James and Scott CAAN
Surprise encounter RUNIN
Swindle BUNKO
Tiny particle ION
Video game franchise starring major-league baseballers THEBIGS
Wee 'un TOT
Where the smallest bones in the body are found EAR
Where wild animals are most likely to see you ZOO
Word before and after 'to,' in a religious phrase ASHES
Word often abbreviated to its middle letter in texts ARE
Words before a deadline DUEBY
___ crawl NEWS