New York Times - Apr 16 2023

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Clues Answers
'Eww, yuck!' BLEH
'First Lady of Song,' familiarly ELLA
'Gangnam Style' rapper PSY
'It's ___ nothing' ALLOR
'___ ahead' (redundant advice) PLAN
'___ Blue' NYPD
'___ for Innocent' (Sue Grafton novel) IIS
2020 movie lead-in to 'land' NOMAD
768 parts of a gal TSPS
Actor Michael CERA
Affectionate sobriquet DEARY
Affectionate sobriquet HON
Amsterdam of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' MOREY
An arm and a leg LIMBS
And others: Abbr ETAL
Animal life FAUNA
Apt name for a worrywart STU
Arm bones ULNAE
Back-and-forth struggle TUGOFWAR
Blender button PULSE
Branch of philosophy ETHICS
Butter maker CHURN
Cambridgeshire's historic ___ Hall ELTON
Canner's purchase LABELS
City west of Daytona Beach OCALA
Class speaker LECTOR
Classical form of poetry EPODE
Common deodorant ingredient TALC
Creative writing and industrial design, for two ARTS
Cruet contents OIL
Cupola relative DOME
Dancer's boss SANTA
Deception, metaphorically SMOKE
Dog owner's hope ... or a cat owner's pipe dream? OBEDIENCE
Drains SAPS
Drum also known as a tumbadora CONGA
Early Bond villain DRNO
Egging-on phrase DOIT
Excellent adventurer of film TED
Expression of exasperation SHEESH
Fairy tale ending? AFTER
Farm male BOAR
Fine woodworking detail INLAY
Fivers ABES
Flawed but relatable protagonist ANTIHERO
Freshness SASS
Genesis creator SEGA
Get into a computer's memory LOAD
Giant things in the 1954 sci-fi film 'Them!' ANTS
Goes to town on HASAT
Heavy cookware item WOK
Hogwash TRIPE
Hold 'em variation OMAHA
Hoof, in part TOE
Hunt out SEEK
In sync ASONE
Inundates with messages SPAMS
It's a snap PHOTO
Itinerary initials ETA
Japanese graphic novel style MANGA
Just the refreshments, not the viewing? HALFAWAKE
Kids' creations from sofa cushions FORTS
Kind of exam ORAL
Lacking in vitality ANEMIC
Lawsuit filers SUERS
Legendary figures ICONS
Lightheaded sorts? BLONDS
Clues Answers
Like clothing patches SEWEDON
Looking blue SADFACED
M.L.B. family name ALOU
Make easier to tear, in a way PERFORATE
Make one's long story overly short? ABRIDGETOOFAR
Makes more attractive, with 'up' SEXES
Manatee SEACOW
Many a URL ending ORG
Many an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics TEEN
Most spiders have eight of them EYES
Muesli brand ALPEN
Narcissist's indulgence EGOTRIP
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
Nutrition fig RDA
Obama's first chief of staff EMANUEL
Ode to reparation for sin? ATONEPOEM
Off-white shade CREAM
Old imperial title TSAR
One darling percussion instrument? ACUTETRIANGLE
One of Randall's daughters on 'This Is Us' TESS
One of twenty-five in this clue LETTER
Painted 25% of the house? BRUSHEDASIDE
Product used with a stylus IPAD
Protect oneself against Covid, say MASKUP
Pulls a fast one on HOSES
Ragamuffin WAIF
Ranked #1 ONTOP
Raquel of 'Fantastic Voyage' WELCH
Rare finds in Minecraft EMERALDS
Really into HOTFOR
Regulator of e-cigarettes, for short FDA
Reserve for later ... or something to reserve TABLE
Restorative process REHAB
Rightful LEGAL
Salacious RACY
Shed some tears WEPT
Shoelace tip AGLET
Starting from ASOF
Sturdy flooring material OAK
Style of Chicago's NBC Tower, informally DECO
Successfully used Rogaine? SLOWLYGREWAPART
Symptom SIGN
Taunts GIBES
Tee off MIFF
The 'a' of a.m ANTE
The Beatles' 'Lovely ___' RITA
The Keebler elves, e.g BAKERS
They were once advertised with the slogan 'Polly wants a cracker?' SALTINES
Tic-tac-toe sides XANDO
Time to go TURN
Track star? SINGER
Traditional wisdom LORE
Trees whose wood is used for model airplanes BALSAS
Unfrozen THAWED
Utopias EDENS
Vertically level PLUMB
Weakens, in video game lingo NERFS
Went unused SAT
When the curtains open ACTI
Where stealth is found in the dictionary? AHEADOFSTEAM
Word spelled starting with an alif in Arabic ALLAH
Word with word or jar SWEAR
Work with a pick and an ax? STRUM
World capital located more than a mile above sea level KABUL
[Man, that hurts!] OOF
___ Limón, first Latina poet laureate of the U.S ADA