New York Times - Apr 12 2023

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Clues Answers
'Cousin ___ Visits the Addams Family' (1965 TV episode title) ITT
'Don't trust them!' ITSATRAP
'Furthermore ...' ALSO
'Furthermore ...' PLUS
'Ignoring what my assistant said ...' ? AIDESIDEASASIDE
'The Bluest Eye' author Morrison TONI
'The Queen of Soul' ARETHA
'___ Got Mail' (1998 rom-com) YOUVE
'___, am America' (Langston Hughes line of poetry) ITOO
1971 documentary about Ravi Shankar RAGA
Animal in the Hartford's logo STAG
Author Gaiman NEIL
Body part that becomes an animal when its vowels are swapped LOIN
Celebrity chef ___ Leith PRUE
Co. behind the podcast 'First Person' NYT
Collar insert STAY
Crossword puzzle component GRID
Crustacean whose species range in size from .2 inches to 12 feet CRAB
Ctrl+Y, on a PC REDO
Ctrl+Z, on a PC UNDO
Domain AREA
Engravings, e.g.? NOTESSETONSTONE
Fancy-sounding apple cultivar GALA
Former T-shirts, perhaps RAGS
Fourth-most-common family name in China LIU
Help line? SOS
Irregularly ONANDOFF
It's used to walk the dog YOYO
Kind of reader TAROT
Leave the stage EXIT
Life energy CHI
Like forgiving lighting in photography SOFT
Like the Mandarin and Punjabi languages TONAL
Mister, in Münster HERR
Mountain range, in Spanish SIERRA
Musical ending of many a YouTube video OUTRO
Needle ANNOY
Nonstarters? BTEAM
Clues Answers
Old Roman word of greeting or parting AVE
One of three in 'To be or not to be' IAMB
One unlikely to enjoy a dive bar SNOB
Orchestra section BRASS
Org. with a Sixth Man of the Year Award NBA
Over-the-top sorts? LIDS
Palindromic flour ATTA
Pinot ___ NOIR
Pizza parlor purchase SLICE
Place to go in England LOO
Precious material frequently buried with the dead in ancient China JADE
Rebounds, e.g., informally STAT
Screenwriter/actress Michaela COEL
Sing like Nat King Cole CROON
Slinky, say SEXY
Snake eyes ONES
Snoopy's imaginary antagonist REDBARON
Soccer star Morgan ALEX
Some book fair organizers, for short PTAS
Sound of suppressed laughter SNORT
Stager's concern DECOR
Superfan NUT
Supportive pillows in a yoga class BOLSTERS
Sword-wielding fighter of feudal Japan NINJA
Tabloid tidbit RUMOR
Take to heart HEED
Tempeh relative TOFU
Things you can hit or pump BRAKES
Trip with many stops TOUR
Use a tandoor, say BAKE
Use a wheelchair's push rims, for instance STEER
Visa alternative, for short AMEX
Wetland waders EGRETS
Wetsuit vis-à-vis a team triathlon? EARLYRELAYLAYER
What might be found outside a hipster cafeteria? STRAYARTSYTRAYS
Wide variety ARRAY
Wonder Woman accessory TIARA
Year, in Portuguese ANO