Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 12 2023

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Clues Answers
"Amen to that!" IAGREE
"Dear —" ABBY
"No seats" signs SROS
"— had it!" IVE
007 portrayer Daniel CRAIG
ACLU concerns RTS
Bach composition PARTITA
Bygone Peruvian INCA
Cagers' gp NBA
Camel feature HUMP
Chair designer Charles EAMES
Chess pieces MEN
Comes up ARISES
Cookout, briefly BBQ
Crow's cry CAW
Decorative flooring PARQUET
Delhi dress SARI
Demolishes, in Dover RASES
Does well, golf-wise MAKESPAR
Doppler device RADAR
Fan's cry RAH
Filch ROB
Fixes squeaks OILS
Follow TAIL
Fresh NEW
Gobble up DEVOUR
Govt. loan agcy SBA
Historic time ERA
Incite SPUR
Ink smudge BLOT
Iranian money RIAL
Israel's Abba EBAN
Life stories OBITS
Clues Answers
Like a good golf score UNDERPAR
Longtime record label MCA
Make happy PLEASE
Mil. morale booster USO
Morays EELS
Office part-timer TEMP
Oklahoma city ADA
Old salts TARS
Part of TNT TRI
Piglike mammal TAPIR
Pod veggie PEA
Pole, e.g SLAV
Pop singer Sands EVIE
Potentially will MAY
Preschooler TOT
Priestly vestments ALBS
Radiator sounds HISSES
Red-tag events SALES
Release UNPEN
Science room LAB
Seize TAKE
Spoken ORAL
Staffer AIDE
Street ROAD
Sunrise direction EAST
Tear RIP
Temptresses SIRENS
The whole enchilada ALL
Ultimate NTH
Untalkative one CLAM
Wall St. whiz ARB
Young lion CUB
— avis RARA