Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 11 2023

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Clues Answers
"Better luck —" NEXTTIME
"Is there more?" WHATNEXT
"The Pilot's Wife" author Anita SHREVE
"Would — to you?" ILIE
"— had it!" IVE
Actor Harrison REX
Border on ABUT
Carolina college ELON
Caviar base ROE
Choir voices ALTI
Church keyboard ORGAN
Color worker DYER
Dance move STEP
Dele undoer STET
Devoured ATE
Doo-wop syllable DUM
Expert serve ACE
Fall bloom ASTER
Fizzy drink SODA
Glam Gardner AVA
Hunt for SEEK
In shape FIT
Japanese sash OBI
JFK info ETA
Lifeless DEAD
Lodge members ELKS
Lucifer SATAN
Marry WED
Mata — HARI
Meander ROAM
Most miffed SOREST
New staffers HIREES
Clues Answers
Noon, on a sundial XII
On the rocks ICED
Pair DUO
Pointer HINT
Poker champ — Duke ANNIE
Poker type STUD
Polite query MAYI
Potential syrup SAP
Prior nights EVES
Profession TRADE
Receptionist's promise YOURENEXT
Recipe amts TSPS
Rejection NO
Roof edge EAVE
Salon request PERM
Screen material MESH
Second in command VEEP
Send forth EMIT
Shade provider ELM
St. crosser AVE
Stable diet? HAY
Stanley Cup org NHL
Suitcase attachment IDTAG
Summer coolers FANS
Surpassing others NEXTLEVEL
Tic-tac-toe loser XOO
Tolkien creature ENT
UFO pilot ET
Unconventional OUTRE
Unruly hair MOP
Upper limb ARM
Use a tab key INDENT
Writer Levin IRA