USA Today - May 15 2023

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Clues Answers
'Creed II' antagonist ___ Drago IVAN
'I finally understand!' AHA
'I'm ___ you!' ('You're not fooling me!') ONTO
'If you want one, let me know now!' LASTCALL
'Mamma Mia' group ABBA
'Please stop sharing' TMI
'That hurt!' OUCH
'Their ___ Were Watching God' EYES
'Wolves of the sea' ORCAS
'Yikes!' EEK
'Yippee!' WOO
Absolutely amazed AWED
Absolutely amazes BLOWSAWAY
Accident prevented by a sippy cup SPILL
Appliance for barbecuing GRILL
Barista's designs LATTEART
Beyonce's 'Homecoming: The ___ Album' LIVE
Bring down in a rugby match TACKLE
Calico's crate CATCARRIER
Catcher's glove MITT
Chest bone RIB
Close to NEAR
Coin toss call TAILS
Country with the most Olympic medals in softball USA
Dessert with cream cheese frosting CARROTCAKE
Eroded over time ATEAWAY
Fruit with SweeTango and Pink Lady varieties APPLE
FX drama about ballroom culture POSE
Genre related to calypso SKA
Glowing review RAVE
Greek god of love EROS
Greek letter after pi RHO
H.S. class covering integrals APCALC
Ice cream holder CONE
Illuminated LIT
In the lead AHEAD
Knitter's materials YARNS
Clues Answers
LAX posting ETA
Like many people in queerplatonic relationships, for short ARO
Malaysia's region (Abbr.) SEA
Ms., Mx. or Mr TITLE
Old-style 'Listen up!' HARK
Opera solo ARIA
Parts of sneakers LACES
Pet welfare org ASPCA
Pink wine ROSE
Play it by ___ EAR
Pledges VOWS
Plots in flower gardens BEDS
Pole on a ship MAST
Polka ___ DOTS
Pool stick CUE
Protective gear ARMOR
Queer Indigenous identity TWOSPIRIT
Really bothered IRKED
Rectangular present GIFTCARD
Road trip breaks PITSTOPS
Roller rink shape OVAL
Romance writer Roberts NORA
Scratched with talons CLAWED
Self-referential META
Shape of some chew toys BONE
Shared by millions online VIRAL
Short break PAUSE
Sleeve tattoo's location ARM
Snow-clearing vehicle PLOW
Tea type DECAF
Theater role PART
They/___ THEM
Urgent request PLEA
Very angry IRATE
Villainous EVIL
Wide necktie ASCOT
Yellow explosive TNT
___ extensions (workout) TRICEP
___ out (allocate) METE