Family Time - Apr 9 2023

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Clues Answers
''Once ___ a time'' UPON
''Truth or ___'' DARE
Affirmative answer YES
An acorn grows into this kind of tree OAK
Aromatic spice made from nutmeg MACE
Baby's break NAP
Barely maintain (with ''out'') EKE
Baseball player's topper CAP
Bioelectric swimmer EEL
Boyfriend BEAU
Burden ONUS
Carpet RUG
Cause of wrinkles AGE
Cheek streak? TEAR
Computer image ICON
Cordage fiber BAST
Decent chap GENT
Depend (on) RELY
Diminutive being of folklore GNOME
Engine need OIL
Express indifference without speaking SHRUG
Extremely earnest SOLEMN
Feel poorly AIL
Fiendish little one IMP
Friend PAL
Gentleman's opposite BOOR
Hand-washing need SOAP
Homecoming returnee ALUM
Land map PLAT
Large snake BOA
Last letter ZEE
Less than twice ONCE
Like sharp Canadian cheddar AGED
Miles ___ hour PER
Clues Answers
Miners dig it ORE
Motivate SPUR
Move back, as a tide EBB
Neck back NAPE
One of the inalienable rights LIBERTY
One, two or three NUMBER
Part of a crescent moon CUSP
Penny CENT
Place PUT
Public esteem REPUTE
Sad item, for short OBIT
Scornful look LEER
Seize without authority USURP
Send forth, as lava EMIT
Single digit ONE
Skin lotion ingredient ALOE
Sturt and fret EMOTE
Tall bird that cannot fly EMU
Tank type SEPTIC
Took the first step BEGAN
Top pitcher on the staff ACE
Toy musical instrument KAZOO
Try to be the first to break the tape RACE
Uber or bus alternative CAB
Use a lever PRY
Vehicle that stops at school BUS
Very small drink SIP
Window cleaner's blemish STREAK
Wooden pin PEG
Word before minority or cuisine ETHNIC
Word with land or critical MASS
Worth a C, maybe (2 words) SOSO
___-bodied seaman ABLE