The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,037 - Apr 4 2023

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Clues Answers
A person displaying feelings of love conceding north is pleasantly balmy AROMATIC
Begins and principally wolfs one Chinese snack OPENSANDWICH
Complacent German catching large contrabandist SMUGGLER
Concerned with bungled back-ordering surpassing usual limits RECORDBREAKING
Encounter soldiers essentially recapturing this military structure BATTLEMENT
Incorrectly fix neap tide cycle I'd abandoned for time we're likely to be here LIFEEXPECTANCY
Instruments mostly shape surrounding bituminous mixture GUITARS
Mean street in outskirts of Guernsey STINGY
Moan perversely about Gulf inhabitant's obsessive single-mindedness MONOMANIA
Motor probably no longer on drive shaft SUNBEAM
Never arranged costumier's first order for string of fibres NERVECORD
Not completely loyal worker missing from school TRUANT
Old railwaymen accommodated by inn, just outside Bury INURN
Overpass by the Tube VIADUCT
Clues Answers
Press association, modern and wise about entering US city NEWSAGENCY
Project using this flier to go after group of wise men? MAGICLANTERN
Put an end to enjoyment coming back in science fiction SNUFF
Rules on board, most regularly ignored NORMS
Sadly clear to me, he's a tardy person LATECOMER
Scene of conflict -- considerable mire, with fury expressed at its heart SOMME
Seriously harm leader of mob on purpose MAIM
Sloppy vulgarisation with no organised goal for program ANTIVIRUS
Small openings partly useless to matadors STOMATA
Small stream carrying gold of dark reddish-brown colour AUBURN
Sparkling silver objects strewn around AGLITTER
They could help ease stress after university ultimately declared 'second-class' in core subject MUDBATHS
Uncommon river measurement unit RARE
When getting into the most excellent becomes most worthless BASEST