Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 21 2022

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Clues Answers
... and celebrate rise of force? REVEL
... turning detective before election PIVOTING
A case Collins cracked using methods from antiquity NEOCLASSICAL
A pastry poet doesn't finish - that's rich ABUNDANT
A profession perhaps adding further places elsewhere? AFIELD
Academic with love fetish? Ignore it DONOTHING
Ancient doctor caught in legal entanglement GALEN
Approach commercial outlet ADVENT
Cap boss put on equipment HEADGEAR
Careworn sods suffering such dull games NOSCOREDRAWS
Customer gets charge in court CLIENT
Defective piece can tell what every car needs? LICENCEPLATE
Delighted to support cause that's ready to explode? TRIGGERHAPPY
Dietary regime that's saving me cooking VEGANISM
Clues Answers
Fear mongering member added to a register ALARMIST
Flats - and what can fix them? PUMPS
Group portraying risk taken by trapeze artists NONET
Hunt around for lawyer to get compensation SCAVENGE
Important old city chap.. URGENT
Invitation to enter from Italian based in Navan timberyard AVANTI
Man who provides Europe with store of DNA EUGENE
Moved during matches to create scores TWENTIES
One man holds power to transfix.. IMPALE
Outcome of winning attempt UPSHOT
Private school massaged clown's ego CLONGOWES
Quote too much? Sounds like a minor mistake OVERSIGHT
Store candies regularly in secure location STOCKADE
Thesis completed showing how to deal with problematic cracks? PAPEROVER