Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 19 2022

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Clues Answers
... was I ere I saw Elba (palindrome) ABLE
Act not about this instrument for measuring angles to a celestial body OCTANT
Action and legal document DEED
Additional material at the end ADDENDUM
Angular unit and college award DEGREE
Appointed to a duty or task ASSIGNED
Ardently and avidly EAGERLY
Belonging to them THEIRS
Bet he's turned up in the ancient Greek city THEBES
Cab lit up the sea BALTIC
Colourless transparent quartz CRYSTAL
Confidently optimistic and cheerful SANGUINE
Convict or detainee PRISONER
Cut the ribbon OPENED
Dispute the honesty of IMPUGN
Extraordinarily large ENORMOUS
Clues Answers
Finishes ENDS
Four-winged insects BEES
Lookouts or pathfinders SCOUTS
Made reparation ATONED
Meetings for boat races REGATTAS
Oriental pasta NOODLES
Person with remarkable musical skill VIRTUOSO
Personification of England JOHNBULL
Placate with concessions APPEASE
Put a plan into effect EXECUTED
Scorsese re-made this psychological thriller in 1991 with De Niro and Nolte CAPEFEAR
Small-headed drum beaten with the hands TOMTOM
Souvenir, memento KEEPSAKE
Thomas More's ideal state UTOPIA
Upper part of the face FOREHEAD