Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 19 2022

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Clues Answers
'... ... against the dying of the light' (Dylan Thomas) RAGE
'All the ... of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand' (Lady Macbeth) PERFUMES
'On the seventh day He ...from all the work of creation' (Bible) RESTED
A woody tropical grass BAMBOO
A workout or a piece of schoolwork EXERCISE
Afternoon nap for the Spaniards SIESTA
Arm jewellery BRACELET
Artist's workshop ATELIER
Based on reason or logic RATIONAL
Care about the land measurement ACRE
Castor and Pollux GEMINI
City of waltzes VIENNA
Diminish, lessen DECREASE
Govern with cruelty and injustice OPPRESS
Group of competing sports teams LEAGUE
Highly excited with curiosity AGOG
Clues Answers
Join the military ENLIST
Mediterranean squid CALAMARI
Moves upward slowly CLIMBS
Multiply by two DOUBLE
Nearly, not quite ALMOST
Not in a position to UNABLE
Pack them up in your old kit bag and smile, as the old song says TROUBLES
Person without liberty PRISONER
Phoned RANG
Set of bells in a tower CARILLON
Sloped, inclined LEANED
Sour or bitter in taste or tone ACERBIC
Stand for a lecturer LECTERN
Systematic investigation of a subject RESEARCH
With everything considered ALLINALL