Universal - Dec 15 2001

Clues Answers
''Andrea --- Sarto'' (Browning) DEL
''I was at home sleeping at the time,'' e.g. ALIBI
''Let it stand,'' to an editor STET
''Stanley & ---'' (Fonda / De Niro film) IRIS
''Venerable'' saint BEDE
1971 AL MVP Blue VIDA
A tuner's asset EAR
Actress Turner LANA
Adjust accordingly ADAPT
Batty LOCO
Bell and Barker MAS
Bonnie & Clyde, for one DUO
Candy-coated SUGARED
Car dealer's offer you can't refuse? MANDATORYOPTION
Certain card-game winner's exclamation GIN
Certain office machine output ORIGINALCOPIES
Clear-thinking LUCID
Coffee bar offering MOCHA
Ending for Japan ESE
Eve, but not Adam SHE
Extol the virtues of TOUT
Fancy spread for a fancy spread PATE
Finish with ENDON
First name in comedic brothers HARPO
Flintstones' pet DINO
Freshwater game fish CHUBS
Gnaw toothlessly GUM
Golf goof SLICE
Hair removal product NEET
Having --- hair day ABAD
Horseradish source ROOT
Impales STABS
Ireland romantically ERIN
Island off New York ELLIS
It may be obtuse ANGLE
Kind of hit? SMASH
Kind of tide? YULE
Kind of wool or guitar STEEL
Clues Answers
Lifesaving skill, for short CPR
Measurable by numbers COUNTABLE
Mi-fa lead-in DORE
Motivating ACTUATING
Newspaper in France LEMONDE
Nonchalance EASE
Office telephone button HOLD
One-for-two deal? DOUBLESOLITAIRE
Painfully thin GAUNT
Picnic tableware, sometimes PLASTICGLASSES
Plant reproductive part SPORE
Pleased GLAD
Robber's counterpart COP
Sarcastic response IBET
Seasoned player VETERAN
Seethe in silence STEW
Shrewd and clever CAGY
Sized-up visually EYED
Small brook RILL
Smart --- ALEC
Solicit opinions POLL
Stage device PROP
Tiny bites NIPS
To --- (with precision) ATEE
Toughen up INURE
Two together BOTH
Type of guitar BASS
Vacation for the self-centered? EGOTRIP
Villain in ''Othello'' IAGO
When the script requires ONCUE
Whetted HONED
Woody's love, once MIA
Word in a salutation, perhaps SIR
Words to ''Brute'' ETTU
Ye-Shoppe go-between OLDE
You homophone EWE
___-Am (Dr. Seuss character) SAMI