USA Today - May 6 2023

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Clues Answers
'Another thing . . .' ALSO
'if u rly want my opinion . . .' TBQH
'It's my turn!' IMUP
'One thing ___ time!' ATA
2014 album by Tinashe (born Feb. 6) AQUARIUS
2022 album by Steve Lacy (born May 23) GEMINIRIGHTS
2022 mixtape by FKA Twigs (born Jan. 16) CAPRISONGS
Ancient Roman garment TOGA
Appear to be SEEM
Artist with a brush PAINTER
Barbershop sound SNIP
Bed for a 1-year-old CRIB
Billboards, for example ADS
Bob, braids or buzz cut HAIRDO
Chemist's workplace LAB
Compute a sum ADD
Copper thread WIRE
Counterpart of eaten DRUNK
Cuisine with Texas and Carolina styles, for short BBQ
Either of two 2020 EPs by Keke Palmer (born Aug. 26) VIRGOTENDENCIES
Fantasy monster OGRE
Fantasy monster ORC
Flatbread a vampire wouldn't like GARLICNAAN
Florida reptile, for short GATOR
Fried rice vegetable PEA
Fury IRE
Garden tube HOSE
Gardening tool HOE
Get married without a big ceremony ELOPE
Get ___ of (toss) RID
GPS suggestion (Abbr.) RTE
Greek B's BETAS
Hang on to KEEP
Is unable to CANNOT
Job durations STINTS
Kanga's son ROO
Kitchen pest ANT
Let someone ___ a secret INON
Clues Answers
Loses speed SLOWS
Make stitches SEW
Makes revisions to EDITS
Member of a 1960s counterculture HIPPIE
Messes up ERRS
MLK Day's day of the week (Abbr.) MON
Montgomery's state (Abbr.) ALA
Mosquito shield NET
Movie FX CGI
Muscles worked by crunches ABS
Non-mainstream INDIE
Oceanic movement TIDE
Org. that approves toothpastes ADA
Peruses some poetry READS
Pictures IMAGES
Place to apply gloss LIP
Psychedelic drug LSD
Puts up on the wall HANGS
Radiates EMITS
Repeated phrase at a protest CHANT
Rodent with a bushy tail SQUIRREL
Secret supply STASH
Sign in a store window OPEN
Significant time periods ERAS
Simple shirt TEE
Speedy Australian birds EMUS
Spinning toys TOPS
Spout forth SPEW
Subtle lipstick shade NUDE
Suffix for 'social' or 'magnet' ISM
Surgeons' degrees MDS
Tedious task SLOG
The Bears or the Bulls, on scoreboards CHI
Verify the qualifications of VET
Wooden strip SLAT
www.uconn.___ EDU
___ and relaxation REST
___ fund (prison abolitionist's organization) BAIL
___sweet chocolate SEMI