Wall Street Journal - Dec 14 2001 - WSJ December 14, 2001 - Fashion Your Seat Belt

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Clues Answers
'Country' star LANGE
'Dune' creator HERBERT
'Message complete' OVER
'Now ___ me down ...' ILAY
'Praecepta' author CATO
'The Company' CIA
'The Last Supper,' for one MURAL
'Tomorrow' singer ANNIE
'Welcome, good Robin' speaker OBERON
1901 New York mayor Low and others SETHS
ABC chatfest THEVIEW
Addition column TENS
Afghanistan neighbor IRAN
Amigo PAL
Anna's destination SIAM
Back attack SPASM
Back pages, ordinarily SPORTS
Barbecue favorite RIBS
Barn-raising piece BEAM
Bestsellers of the 1910s MODELTS
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Binary DUAL
Blue hue TEAL
Brooks's country music partner DUNN
Castle protector PARAPET
Charity tourneys PROAMS
Choosing game starter EENY
Coca-Cola brand TAB
Commotion STIR
Composer Schifrin LALO
Coquette TEASE
Court citation LAWCASE
Designer for auto racers? NASCARDELARENTA
Designer for demolitionists? BILLBLAST
Designer for geneticists? CALVINCLONE
Designer for steel guitarists? VERATWANG
Designer for Taco Bell? NORMATAMALE
Designer for the devil? TOMMYHELLFIGURE
Designer for toreadors? OLECASSINI
Designer for track stars? NICOLEMILER
Designer for veterinarians? KATESPAYED
Dick Grasso is its chmn. NYSE
Edison co-worker Lewis ___ LATIMER
Eliminate ERASE
Embarrassing loss ROUT
Emulate Duke Kahanamoku SURF
Euro's forerunner ECU
Evasive COY
Extra, for one GUM
Fire CAN
Five-time Best Actor nominee HANKS
Flea market unit STAND
Floor-length skirt MAXI
Fugu worry TOXIN
Genghis Khan's followers MONGOLS
Get wind of LEARN
Goes out with SEES
Good idea, symbolically BULB
Groups of players BANDS
Held tightly CLUTCHED
Hippodrome shape OVAL
Home to newsgroups USENET
Huntsman in 'The Flying Dutchman' ERIK
Icelandic epic EDDA
Incorporated town, for short BORO
Indiana senator Bayh EVAN
Israel's Bank ___ LEUMI
It has a stabilizing influence BALLAST
Its rupture can be catastrophic GASMAIN
Clues Answers
Jazzman Barbieri GATO
Jermaine's brother TITO
KFC helping BREAST
Kind of engr. CIV
Lab container VIAL
Left-hand page VERSO
Letters of urgency ASAP
Like pitchers of mixed drinks PREMADE
Like the ocean BRINY
Lola's club COPA
Low bow SALAAM
Maker of Purex and Armour Hash DIAL
Milosevic, for one SERB
Minimal amount LEAST
Mom-and-pop orgs. PTAS
More likely to finish first SPEEDIER
Most comfortable HOMIEST
Much-decorated Murphy AUDIE
Muffin type OAT
Mystery blip UFO
NBC perennial SNL
One way to get to the Holy Land ELAL
One with a Mobile home ALABAMAN
Open, in a way UNCAP
Ordinarily ASARULE
Out there AFAR
Outlaws BANS
Pen points NIBS
Propriety DECENCY
Quail collection BEVY
Ring part OPERA
Roadside stops MOTELS
Salonga of 'Miss Saigon' LEA
Says it isn't so RECANTS
Singer Braxton TONI
Site of Mount Agung BALI
Slip with scissors MISCUT
Smacker CLAM
Small amount TAD
Smoked a butt, perhaps RELIT
Soldier material TIN
Some Sotheby's offerings ART
Sorority letter ETA
Subway barrier STILE
Suffer from HAVE
Sugar suffix OSE
Surveying method STADIA
Switzerland's ___ Alps BERNESE
Take over on the dance floor CUTIN
That's all there is UNIVERSE
The Spartans made sacrifices to him ARES
The stuff heros are made of BOLOGNA
The ___ Reader (alternative magazine) UTNE
They wear very little clothing DOLLS
Title akin to POTUS CINC
To date ASYET
Tourist attractions MECCAS
TV debut of January 1952 TODAY
TVA creations DAMS
Two-time Grand Slam winner LAVER
U. of Maryland player TERP
Unwelcome one PARIAH
Wal-Mart worker WELCOMER
Wall St. newbie IPO
Weather influence ELNINO
Wedding reception sight CAKE
What's left REST
Writes software CODES
X on a map HERE
You've seen it before REPEAT