Universal - Mar 21 2023

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Clues Answers
"Humble" home ABODE
"I should've ___ that coming!" SEEN
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
"O.G. Original Gangster" rapper ICET
"Wait a ___!" SEC
"Washboard" muscles ABS
"___, I'm Adam" (palindrome) MADAM
Amazement AWE
Amtrak stop: Abbr STA
Answer pages? FAQS
Be subtly yet publicly critical THROWSHADE
Bring into question, with "on" CASTDOUBT
Call from a balcony, perhaps UPHERE
Christina of "Yellowjackets" RICCI
Cicely who won an honorary Oscar in 2018 TYSON
Club Med destination RESORT
Congressional aide, e.g STAFFER
Continent adjoining Europe ASIA
Cost of a ride FARE
Days before holidays EVES
Detests ABHORS
Dull finish MATTE
Earth tone, in Canada OCHRE
Exclusive and unfriendly CLIQUISH
Express relief HEAVEASIGH
Fa follower SOL
FBI employees AGENTS
Feature of many a relationship on "90 Day Fiance" AGEGAP
First part of POTUS: Abbr PRES
Flowery necklaces LEIS
French explorer of the Mississippi LASALLE
Galactic nucleus QUASAR
Giant slaloms, e.g SKIRACES
Go ballistic PITCHAFIT
Hibernation locations DENS
Item produced by Santa's elves TOY
Clues Answers
Its hands are over its face CLOCK
Itty-bitty bit IOTA
Kidded around JOSHED
Kids' racing vehicles GOKARTS
Kitten's cry MEW
Koko or King Kong APE
Lake that's the "E" in HOMES ERIE
Like lyrics SUNG
Make a pick OPT
Marry in a hurry ELOPE
Michigan congresswoman Rashida TLAIB
Missile housing SILO
Morally right JUST
Move like a butterfly FLUTTER
Name that anagrams to "stern" ERNST
NASCAR sponsor STP
Nursery chair ROCKER
Overexertion STRAIN
Pale gray ASHY
Parts of hippies' necklaces BEADS
Picnic pest ANT
Run up, as expenses INCUR
Sass LIP
Short vows IDOS
Skip pronouncing ELIDE
Small boat DORY
Small mammal with a long snout SHREW
Soothing mineral TALC
Spew nasty words HURLINSULTS
Trousers material CHINO
Udder part TEAT
Utah site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, briefly SLC
Watery hue in the Miami Dolphins' logo AQUA
Word before "opposite" or "bear" POLAR
___ Haute, Ind TERRE
___ Stone (Egyptian tablet) ROSETTA