L.A. Times Daily - Mar 19 2023

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Clues Answers
"Alice in Wonderland" bird DODO
"Crazy Rich Asians" actor Jeong KEN
"Muy __" BIEN
"Now where did that minty cocktail go ... "? IVELOSTMYMOJITO
"Ohhhhh" ISEE
"Prithee make thyself scarce" BEGONE
"Room" novelist Donoghue EMMA
"Voilà!" DONE
"__ it!" PROVE
1990s vice president GORE
20 quires REAM
2022 AL MVP Judge AARON
Academic's achievement TENURE
Alternative to edu ORG
Andalusia appetizer TAPA
Apt name for some Aries APRIL
Atlanta-based network TBS
Bautista of "Guardians of the Galaxy" DAVE
Be behind OWE
Beethoven's Third EROICA
Big name in casualwear POLO
Big name in casualwear IZOD
Big name in cookware TFAL
Bingo call BTEN
Bishop's hat MITRE
Blessed sound? ACHOO
Book club choices for a church group? PULPITFICTION
Bossy star of a kid's game SIMON
Breach RIFT
Bubble filler AIR
Candied, as cherries GLACE
Classic cartoon horse Quick Draw __ MCGRAW
Clipped TERSE
Computer port initials USB
Cookies with an occasional Mystery Flavor OREOS
Coral __ SEA
Counting everything INTOTAL
Daily temperature stat HIGH
Door latch HASP
Drill team for outlaws? MARCHINGBANDITS
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Egyptian vipers ASPS
English Channel port POOLE
Fat raindrop sounds PLOPS
Fellow fighter ALLY
Fits __ TOAT
Former host Jay LENO
Funny business in an Oregon city? EUGENELEVITY
Gather into loops COIL
Grassy expanse LEA
Great Lakes people CHIPPEWA
Groups of sheep FLOCKS
Hall of Fame football coach Hank STRAM
Has a tendency for PRONETO
Haunting EERIE
Hawaii's state bird NENE
Heist film antagonists, often: Abbr FBI
Homeric saga featuring the Catalogue of Ships ILIAD
Hubert's successor SPIRO
Hyundai model ELANTRA
In the manner of ALA
In the past PRIOR
In the past AGO
Inbox item MEMO
Israeli port on the Mediterranean TELAVIV
Join together UNITE
Justice Kagan ELENA
Key with one sharp EMINOR
Lady Bird's husband LYNDON
Lady __ of "A Star Is Born" GAGA
Clues Answers
Leave out OMIT
Legal docs WRITS
Leprechaun's dance JIG
Limbo for a college applicant WAITLIST
Low-carb regimen KETODIET
Mariana Trench, e.g ABYSS
Met's lineup? ARIAS
Mtge. figure INT
Network with a "Deportes" channel ESPN
New Haven Ivy Leaguer YALIE
Not pro ANTI
Novelist Dinesen ISAK
Observe Ramadan, say FAST
Oil region? TZONE
Org. that oversees tobacco FDA
Part of a blooper reel FLUB
Parts of some flashlights LEDS
Pasta type ZITI
Permits ALLOWS
Persian Gulf sultanate OMAN
Playground game TAG
Poe's "ungainly fowl" RAVEN
Point value of a gol de fútbol UNO
Pomegranate bit SEED
Pro wrestler Flair RIC
Pronombre personal ELLA
Put (together) PIECE
Put into law ENACT
Quickly assembled group FLASHMOB
Ramp up or ramp down INCLINE
Rapper __ Nas X LIL
Ready for anything ONONESGUARD
Ready if required ONICE
Really big IMMENSE
Record, in a way TIVO
Reproductive cells OVA
Rice cake served with chutney IDLI
Risqué RACY
Round Table knight SIRLANCELOT
Savannah antelope ORIBI
Scottish lids TAMS
Secret code PIN
Shakespeare's title Athenian TIMON
Short critique? EVAL
Slavic native SERB
Soft sheer fabric VOILE
Sony laptop brand VAIO
Sticking point MIRE
Sticking point, metaphorically CRAW
Stock acronym IPO
Study up on Newton's theories? GRAVITYTRAIN
Subject for a primatologist APE
Superhero with anger issues HULK
Swiped STOLE
Sword part HAFT
Texter's rebuttal OTOH
Thanksgiving snapper WISHBONE
Thin mushroom ENOKI
Try again REDO
Twelve sharp NOON
Twist in a novel OLIVER
Unusual cold snap in England? BRITAINFREEZE
Vampire's introspective question? TOBITEORNOTTOBITE
Vexed SORE
Video game brother LUIGI
Word with service or surplus MILITARY
Zen garden tool RAKE
__ Angeles LOS
__ chamber ECHO
__ pack FANNY
__ tofu SILKEN