Universal - Mar 19 2023

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Clues Answers
"Coming 2 America" prince AKEEM
"Dear ___ "(advice column) ABBY
"Hello," in Mandarin NIHAO
"Hogwash!" MYEYE
"NFL Live" channel ESPN
"This is close to my bedtime!" ITSLATE
"ur so funny" LMAO
"What ___ gotten into you?" HAS
"You awake yet?" response IMUP
"You got it" YEP
*Finish line sights CHECKEREDFLAGS
*Soft winter wear CASHMERESWEATER
*They're used for counting quantities CARDINALNUMBERS
60 minutes past 00:00 ONEAM
A portion of SOME
A short time? SEC
ABBA song with the words "Nothing else can save me" SOS
Alabama march site SELMA
Apple assistant SIRI
Arab noblemen EMIRS
Arranged neatly INORDER
Bathroom floor worker TILER
Bed cover DUVET
Cedar Point's state OHIO
Character who asked Buzz Aldrin if the people on the moon were friendly ALIG
Corp. bigwig EXEC
Dawn direction EAST
Decide that you will OPTTO
Dos Equis product BEER
First part of most resumes NAME
Flow out EBB
Form a concept IDEATE
Fraction of a math book? PAGE
Give it a go TRY
Granny, to a Brit NAN
Hardly suitable INAPT
Imperfection FLAW
IRS submission method EFILE
Clues Answers
It beats (or might eat!) a birdie EAGLE
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Large format at the theater IMAX
Lava ___ (retro fixture) LAMP
Like a messy bed UNMADE
Like polished jewelry SHINY
Long period of time EON
Lose intentionally TAKEADIVE
Made haste SPED
Meg of "You've Got Mail" RYAN
Moby Dick's pursuer AHAB
Nebraska's biggest city OMAHA
Newspaper VIPs EDS
Nosh on EAT
Old sock annoyance HOLE
One making money with other people's work? ARTDEALER
Play the banjo STRUM
Powell and Coeur d'Alene, for two LAKES
Prefix for "second" or "technology" NANO
Punk offshoot EMO
Raison d'___ ETRE
Razor sharpener STROP
Real Salt Lake's state UTAH
Red Sox archrival, on scoreboards NYY
Request for some preorders ... or what you can find in the answers to the starred clues UPFRONTPAYMENT
Root (for) CHEER
Shopping center MALL
Signature collector's tools PENS
Snakelike fish EEL
Sound-off button MUTE
Southeast Asian language LAO
Straight-laced STAID
Tennis star Gauff COCO
Theatrical scenery SET
Trailer hookup HITCH
Undergarments that might be convertible BRAS
Wearing footwear SHOD
___-Wan Kenobi OBI