L.A. Times Daily - Mar 18 2023

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Clues Answers
"All __ in favor ... " THOSE
"Bad and Boujee" hip-hop group MIGOS
"Chopped" host Allen TED
"CrazySexyCool" trio TLC
"Jojo Rabbit" actress Wilson REBEL
"Mind. Blown." WHOA
"Not my first choice, but it's fine" IGUESSTHATWORKS
"Rule, Britannia" composer ARNE
"The Elephant Celebes" painter Max ERNST
"The Power of the Dog" Oscar nominee Smit-McPhee KODI
"Your __" LOSS
Color choices for bandages, e.g FLESHTONES
Comedian Foxx REDD
Cranks (up) AMPS
Dating milestones MONTHIVERSARIES
Docking station PIER
Dubious ability ESP
End in __ ATIE
Fare for some Catholics on Lenten Fridays PESCATARIANDIET
Female lobster HEN
Fictional detective who was born in Montenegro WOLFE
Fill a flat again RELET
Filter (through) SIFT
French Revolution device GUILLOTINE
Gibbon, for one APE
Gp. known for screenings TSA
GPS heading SSE
Grammy category POP
Graynor of "The Disaster Artist" ARI
Haggard, perhaps WAN
Half an iconic 1981 Rolling Stone cover ONO
Hertz prefix MEGA
Holiday celebrated with bánh chu'ng TET
Clues Answers
Knife block insert PARER
Lacking flavor or experience UNSEASONED
Lacrosse strategy ONEONONEDEFENSE
Medical waste collected in red containers SHARPS
Mexican cheese? PESOS
More succinctly? ETC
Nasty fall SLEET
Peach GEM
Pentathlon equipment EPEES
Perfume oil ATTAR
Post-WWII alliance OAS
Quality inspection? PERSONALITYTEST
Rascals IMPS
Retired boomer SST
Select OPT
Sequence ORDER
Sister who brings the snowman Olaf to life ELSA
Smooch in a lift, say SNOG
Social reformer Jacob RIIS
Soften up MELT
Sportswear portmanteau ATHLEISURE
Squeezed (out) EKED
Start to sense? NON
Steers steers HERDS
Talk dirty SWEAR
Tattoo joint? ANKLE
Tech news dot-com CNET
The Marshall Project cause PRISONABOLITION
Warts and all ASIS
__ Matronic of Scissor Sisters ANA
__-Rooter ROTO