The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,249 - Mar 16 2023

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Clues Answers
Article supports fake healer SHAMAN
Bachelors in action getting sordid DEBASED
Beginning to pen line for article CLAUSE
Broadcast from excellent band AIRING
Free beer laid out around time LIBERATED
Friend may be completely unknown ALLY
Furtive about cooker left dirty SLOVENLY
Has to hurt trapping old walrus? MOUSTACHE
He's a card, performing parlour game CHARADES
In woods, thanks sweetheart providing anticipation FORETASTE
Infant beginning to love making commotion BABEL
Manacle with copper Manacle with copper principally in bad mood in bad mood HANDCUFF
Not really keen to see vagrant NOMAD
One acted out amusing story ANECDOTE
Clues Answers
Passion reportedly more exhausting in EastEnders ARDOUR
Reveal criminal's carrying iron shackles initially CONFESS
Ring of King Charles II's mistress KNELL
Slur like individual imbibing martini finally ASPERSION
Some autopsy chests to find souls PSYCHES
Some get here, almost spiritual ETHEREAL
Stop about English being reserved QUIET
Tender love god, also female upset FOOTSORE
Tick includes oddly lumped part payment INSTALMENT
Treat your old well HEALTHY
Type of garment, ancient primarily TOGA
Unpreventable ban or exile abroad INEXORABLE
Worries over small pet CARESS
Writer could be boring study DRYDEN