- Dec 23 2010

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Clues Answers
''You bet!'' YES
Automotive safety devices CARSEATS
Avert one's eyes LOOKAWAY
Beast in a Williams play title IGUANA
Blueprint datum SPEC
Cal.'s northern neighbor ORE
Calf call MAA
Calmness POISE
Chance prefix PER
Chances to play SHOTS
Chip off the old block SON
Complete a hole PUTT
Country singer Tillis PAM
Couple's filing JOINTRETURN
Course with leaves SALAD
Criminal, to cops PERP
Daring exploit STUNT
Deal with SEETO
Encouraging word OLE
Entertained AMUSED
Exeter exclamation ISAY
Famous NOTED
Felt bad about RUED
Freight hauls LOADS
Grabbed a bite ATE
Graceful swimmer SWAN
Green-lights OKS
In the direction of TOWARDS
In the fashion of ALA
In __ (bored) ARUT
Incline SLOPE
Investment vehicles MUTUALFUNDS
Irritated NETTLED
It may be cast DIE
Legendary attorney Darrow CLARENCE
Legendary frontiersman BOONE
Luau offering POI
Lunch-box sandwich, for short PBJ
Clues Answers
Mountain lions PUMAS
Naval rank SEAMAN
Navigation tool SONAR
No longer changeable SET
Noggin BEAN
One of two American League teams SOX
Order partner LAW
Ostrich kin EMU
Part of an 18-wheeler CAB
Peel off FLAKE
Plus AND
Printer-cartridge filler INK
Put forth SPEND
Scarlett O'Hara garment CORSET
Shows contempt SNEERS
Smartphone ancestor TWOWAYRADIO
Soccer star Hamm MIA
Somewhere else now GONE
Soprano's showcase ARIA
Springs LEAPS
Steakhouse specification RARE
Summer hat PANAMA
Tasty crumb MORSEL
Thomas Paine pamphlet COMMONSENSE
Tic-tac-toe winner OOO
Tries to catch SEEKS
Try to catch CHASE
UFO crew ETS
Umpteen MANY
Unprincipled AMORAL
Verb form TENSE
Visit unexpectedly POPIN
Was in front LED
Water near the Eiffel Tower SEINE
Yearnings YENS