Universal - Mar 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"Gotta broach a difficult question ..." IHATETOASK
"Jeopardy!" host Jennings KEN
"Oh, su-u-ure!" ASIF
"Quit it!" STOP
"Tell me already!" SAYIT
'97 sci-fi film hidden in "Miami Blues" MIB
Actress Thurman UMA
Afternoon rests NAPS
Algebra directive ... and a hint to decoding five entries in this puzzle SOLVEFORX
Archer's asset AIM
Ariz. airport PHX
Assigns stars to RATES
Attendant of Poseidon NEREID
Base for red trucks (X = REST) FIXATION
Big burden (X = LOTTO) AXHANDLE
Black-and-white puzzles, colloquially ... and what the five sets of parentheses contain XWORDS
Cat's cry MEOW
Cheryl of "Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups" LADD
Covers with goo SLIMES
Dark weasellike critters SABLES
Digits on a plastic card: Abbr IDNO
Enter with troops INVADE
Enter's opposite EXIT
Excited about INTO
Fairy-tale monster OGRE
Fight with an epee, say FENCE
Friend, in France AMI
Fundamentals ABCS
Give up, as land CEDE
Greased OILED
Guesses: Abbr ESTS
High woodwind OBOE
High-fat diet KETO
Huge movie format IMAX
Humorously exaggerated CARTOONISH
Ice cream brand EDYS
Indian prince RAJA
Iron deficiency ANEMIA
Clues Answers
Islamic sect SHIA
Joke around JEST
Looked after TENDED
Low-quality POOR
Luau necklaces LEIS
Marked, as a ballot XED
Marvel's Beast or Wolverine XMAN
Mont Blanc, e.g ALP
More quirky ODDER
Neurologists, e.g.: Abbr DRS
Pat Sajak and Steve Harvey TVHOSTS
Place for a facial SPA
Place to let sleeping dogs lie PETBED
Prance around CAVORT
Ready to pick RIPE
Road coating TAR
Round before a final SEMI
Scoped out before robbing CASED
Sea animal with dense fur OTTER
Silencing button MUTE
Single-channel MONO
Snails' relatives SLUGS
Soap opera about certain Londoners (X = AS) EXTENDERS
Source of some unwanted feedback MIC
Sources of Superman's piercing looks XRAYEYES
Springfield bus driver OTTO
Station with shells and salsa TACOBAR
Step after "lather" RINSE
Superficial SKINDEEP
Teased, with "with" TOYED
Tie to a dock MOOR
Traveler's flight (X = RIP) PLANETX
Watch brand TIMEX
Water marker? BUOY
Wet forecast RAIN
What blowhards and some balloons are full of HOTAIR
Woman who leads a family (X = ARCH) MATRIX