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Clues Answers
"Do — say!" ASI
"I'd rather — there" ("That topic is off limits") NOTGO
"It's go time!" LETSROLL
"It's too hard for me" ICANT
"Juno and the Paycock" playwright Sean OCASEY
"Kewl!" RAD
"Knives Out" actress — de Armas ANA
"Norma —" RAE
"The Deep" director Peter YATES
"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" poet GILSCOTTHERON
"Wham!" POW
"Yes, Yvette" OUI
"— I a stinker?" AINT
"— vincit amor" OMNIA
A while ago ONCE
Accessory near a mouse WRISTPAD
Actress Lucy LIU
Adam and — EVE
Alias letters AKA
Almanac, in large part FACTBOOK
Alternative to laser tag PAINTBALL
American Ballet Theatre principal dancer beginning in 2015 MISTYCOPELAND
Apt business for 33-Across to have on the stock exchange? LISTEDCOMPANY
Apt ingredient for 23-Across to make a jiggly dessert? GELATINPOWDER
Apt item for 44-Across to keep files in? MANILAFOLDER
Apt retail establishment for 57-Across to own? CLOTHINGSTORE
Assistant AIDE
Assn ORG
Au courant TRENDY
Au courant AWARE
Bar brew ALE
Belittled, informally DISSED
Best Actor nominee for "Mrs. Miniver" WALTERPIDGEON
Bowled over BLEWAWAY
Brought on LEDTO
California wine valley NAPA
Camera variety, briefly SLR
Capital of South Dakota PIERRE
Captivated ENAMORED
Carrier based in Tehran IRANAIR
Chief Cochise, e.g APACHE
Comic Idle ERIC
Court period SESSION
Cruel Amin IDI
Daddies PAS
Delhi's land INDIA
Double Stuf cookies OREOS
Exhibit A, say EVIDENCE
Filmed again RESHOT
Floor cleaner MOP
Former chief justice Roger TANEY
From which a name is taken TITULAR
Frosty film RIME
Garlic mayo AIOLI
Gas ratings OCTANES
Gleeful cries YAYS
Glockenspiel relative CELESTA
Golf rarity ACE
Guevara called "Che" ERNESTO
Have — with (be favored by) ANIN
He played Otto Octavius in "Spider-Man 2" ALFREDMOLINA
Heavy drinker SOT
Hindu music pattern RAGA
Ho-humness TEDIUM
IHOP competitor DENNYS
Individuals ONES
Japanese wheat pasta UDON
Jeff Bridges sci-fi film STARMAN
Clues Answers
Just dandy AOK
Kellogg's toaster treat POPTART
Ketchup ingredient REDTOMATO
Lady's title MADAM
Laotians and Thais ASIANS
Leslie of "Lili" CARON
Less refined RAWER
Like the Zax and the Lorax SEUSSIAN
Likenesses IMAGES
Loch — NESS
Look for water with a divining rod DOWSE
Made over REDONE
Make a gaffe ERR
Many a monk FRIAR
Many an heir SON
Maximal-ebb phenomenon LOWTIDE
Midday time NOON
Mimicking a crow's cry CAWING
Missing GI AWOL
Moose kin ELK
More crafty SLIER
No, in Fife NAE
Old Peruvian INCA
One shunning something AVOIDER
Pal, to Yves AMI
Pan Am rival TWA
Partners ALLIES
Pics to click ICONS
Planet's path ORBIT
Prefix with -lithic or -zoic PALEO
Prefix with center EPI
Principal PRIME
Real estate transaction HOMESALE
Reebok rival ADIDAS
Sci-fi princess LEIA
Series-ending abbr ETC
Shifts body weight against LEANSINTO
Ship's diary LOG
Short skirt MINI
Signing tool PEN
Skater Midori ITO
Slushy drink ICEE
Some unofficial sci-fi stories FANFIC
Sprinted competitively, perhaps RANARACE
Stands up RISES
Study of insects, informally ENTO
Styled after ALA
Swiss mount ALP
These, in Spain ESTOS
Top medals GOLDS
Tourist destination that's "green" ECORESORT
Trauma pro in a hosp ERDOC
Travel origin, generically POINTA
Treaty result DETENTE
Trent of Mississippi LOTT
Truth bender LIAR
Trying Jenny Craig, e.g ONADIET
TV pitches ADS
Two-gender pronoun HESHE
Valved brass instrument ALTOHORN
Very poor NEEDY
Virtual money ECASH
Which person WHO
Whirls around GYRES
Writer Anaïs NIN
Writer Umberto ECO
— -lacto vegetarian OVO
— buco OSSO
— Rica COSTA