New York Times - Mar 12 2023

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Clues Answers
'99 Luftballons' singer NENA
'Am I oversharing?' TMI
'Am I understood?' YHEAR
'Bloody' English monarch MARYI
'Consequently ...' ANDSO
'Don't Matter' singer, 2007 AKON
'Fiddlesticks!' BLASTIT
'Go me!' IRULE
'Go, ___!' TEAM
'Gotcha' ISEE
'Pleeease?' CANTI
'Sportsman of the Century,' per Sports Illustrated ALI
'Washboard' features ABS
2012 Seth MacFarlane film with a 2015 sequel TED
Akbar's tomb locale AGRA
Apt name for a horticulturist? LEIF
Arduous journeys TREKS
Article in a French periodical LES
Assert STATE
Behind, in slang TUSHY
Big jazz combo NONET
Blue: Sp AZUL
Brit's clothespin PEG
Brown of the Food Network ALTON
Buzzer BEE
Calculus calculation AREA
California's ___ Tree National Park JOSHUA
Childish nuisance IMP
Clicks 'I agree,' maybe OPTSIN
Come to an end CEASE
Continue GOON
Coup group CABAL
Dance move used to teach children how to limit spreading germs while sneezing DAB
Deep cut? CREVASSE
Despises ABHORS
Do some taxing work online? EFILE
Donation center BLOODBANK
Drink with a domed lid ICEE
Emulate Rockin' Robin, in a 1958 hit BOP
Feature of an ungulate HOOF
Feminist writer Jong ERICA
Fightin' words ITSON
Game stoppers RAINS
German deli meat / Discussion BLACKFORESTHAM
Glass of 'This American Life' IRA
Go with the wind, in a way SAIL
Grannies NANAS
Grassy surface SOD
Green isle ERIN
Grift CON
Gumbo vegetables OKRAS
Hemingway's home for over 20 years CUBA
Home of the world's busiest train station (3.5 million daily commuters) TOKYO
Impatient contraction CMON
Inoffensive ANODYNE
Intermission follower, often ACTII
Issue featuring celebrity issues / Repeatedly TABLOIDMAGAZINE
It might end on a high note YODEL
It smooths the way GREASE
It's a stretch ERA
John known as the 'Father of the National Parks' MUIR
Lee who wrote 'Go Set a Watchman' HARPER
Lent a hand AIDED
Lettuce, in many a low-carb recipe WRAP
Like Nero Wolfe OBESE
Like noble gases INERT
Like yarn and old film WOUND
M.L.B. player with over 600 career home runs, to fans AROD
Major health legislation of 2010, in brief ACA
Make a trade SWAP
Clues Answers
Many a 21st-century liberal OBAMACRAT
Many interstate vehicles SEMIS
Mexican capital PESO
Modern lead-in to -ade HATER
Moonfish OPAH
More adorable CUTER
More than just compact MINI
Most of it is found underwater BERG
Mushy ___ (British side dish) PEAS
National birds of Germany, Egypt and Mexico EAGLES
No party person LONER
NorCal hub SFO
Not just bad EVIL
Notification ALERT
Ohio site of the first Quaker Oats factory AKRON
One getting out early PAROLEE
One in charge of Brownies and cookies? / Easy to understand GIRLSCOUTLEADER
One might be raised on a farm BARN
One whom the bride and groom didn't invite / Steal a meal WEDDINGCRASHER
Palm product OIL
Paris-based carrier AIRFRANCE
Part of a goat or Africa HORN
Party person, informally POL
Poehler of 'Inside Out' AMY
Popular French periodical ELLE
Post-dryer chore / Splendid FOLDINGTHELAUNDRY
Potential result of a strike PAYHIKE
Praise for a diva BRAVA
Predators whose genus name translates to 'of the kingdom of the dead' ORCAS
PT Cruisers, e.g CHRYSLERS
Put away for now STORE
Ring or belt, essentially BAND
River through Pakistan INDUS
See 66-Across COCOA
Settles the score GETSEVEN
Shawkat of 'Arrested Development' ALIA
Siddhartha Gautama by another name BUDDHA
Sierra ___ LEONE
Skate park trick OLLIE
Some steel beams IBARS
Somewhat, musically POCO
Speaker of the catchphrase 'Did I do that?' on 1990s TV URKEL
Spots to relax SPAS
Start of many a T-shirt slogan IHEART
Steamed Chinese bun BAO
Stereotypical name for a female poodle FIFI
Stolen goods SPOILS
Stop running, in a way CLOT
Tedious sort BORE
They might result in booby prizes / Physical discomforts LASTPLACEFINISHES
Three sheets to the wind HIGHASAKITE
Tiny prop TEE
Traveled on horseback RODE
Turn off REPEL
TV monitor, in brief? FCC
Unyielding RIGID
Utopia / Occasionally, poetically HEAVENONEARTH
Vocal nudge PSST
Weapon with a spring EPEE
Westminster competitor PUREBREDDOG
What gerunds are formed from VERBS
Where to let a sleeping dog lie PETBED
Where you hope to get a good deal CASINO
Wispy, as hair FINE
With 72-Across, post-sledding mugful HOT
Words with motion or stone SETIN
___-do-well NEER