The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,201 - Feb 26 2023

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Clues Answers
Act the same either way DEED
Binder with uglier tab cut off LIGATURE
Bitter about a rocker's rival being fashionable ALAMODE
Bloomer feeding you to ferocious animals CROCUS
Crayon made from petals? PASTEL
Crook in workforce? STAFF
Demon not proving fiendish in North American city EDMONTON
Eye ticker WATCH
Freebooter losing head, furious IRATE
German songs governor listened to? LIEDER
Giant back in pig, returned GOLIATH
Giant ear can flap in the winds AFRICANELEPHANT
Giant rolling up a stone MEGA
Hanging head in disgrace, unknown have-nots turned up DROOPY
Hasty touch coming round ends in unfortunate goal CARELESS
Clues Answers
I'm a twerp to rectify distortion of science-fiction TIMEWARP
Indication in slang isn't taken the wrong way SIGNAL
Note written about a surplus REMAINDER
Obscene amount before tax deducted GROSS
On being consumed by deluge, flattened FLOORED
Sailor in river, airmen flying over MARINER
Soldier on manoeuvres ever trailing as such PERSEVERE
Strange issue likely ODDSON
Superficial swine passing round room SHALLOW
Teacher I stood up, bit of a looker? IRIS
Things wrong with cast: error in group of players STRINGORCHESTRA
Underwear in record time! SINGLET
Unremarkable location of white lines? MIDDLEOFTHEROAD
Wise guys, most are genuinely ignorant, first of all MAGI