USA Today - Apr 23 2023

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Clues Answers
'Act your ___!' AGE
'Better Call Saul' actress Seehorn RHEA
'First Person Singular' author HARUKIMURAKAMI
'Hang on a sec!' WAIT
'I've had better' MEH
'My heart is in the ___, and I in the uttermost west' EAST
'Seasons of Love' musical RENT
'So it goes' ALAS
2020 movie set at the Hampton House on Feb. 25, 1964 ONENIGHTINMIAMI
Arrived CAME
Bejeweled headpiece TIARA
British boy CHAP
Chewy candy shaped like an animal GUMMYBEAR
Close family KIN
Club Skirts ___ Shore Weekend DINAH
Collect AMASS
Command-Shift-Z, on a Mac REDO
Common laundry bag fabric MESH
Crush it, at an open mic night KILL
Day before Sat FRI
Egg shapes OVALS
Elaborate but unlikely fantasy PIPEDREAM
Engine MOTOR
Enjoyed a book READ
Episode you've already seen RERUN
Exclusively ONLY
Farewell that's 3/4 vowels CIAO
Floor washer MOP
Former lives PASTS
Hairy cattle YAKS
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Instant noodles additive MSG
Juicy ___ (speckled Jelly Belly bean) PEAR
Know-it-___ (mansplainers) ALLS
Last day of Q4 NYE
Like agave but not honey VEGAN
Like the number of this clue PRIME
Many ambulance drivers EMTS
Math class with polygons GEOMETRY
Clues Answers
Meat on a triple-decker sandwich at Second Avenue Deli KOSHERPASTRAMI
No ___, ands or buts IFS
Norway's capital OSLO
Out of battery power DEAD
Part of a polite request in a text PLS
Part of FWIW ITS
Passports and driver's licenses IDS
Place to work out GYM
Place with saunas and steam rooms SPA
Prefix meaning 'against' ANTI
Prior to A.D BCE
Pump ___ (lift weights) IRON
Rec room DEN
Recite the four questions ASK
Regretted deeply RUED
RNs' colleagues MDS
Shopping splurge SPREE
Small batteries AAS
Some magic tricks ILLUSIONS
Sonnet or limerick POEM
Sound in a haunted house MOAN
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Space GAP
Stink or funk ODOR
The Abominable Snowman YETI
Therefore THUS
Tomatoey chip dip SALSA
Travels, in science fiction TELEPORTS
Tzedakah contribution DONATION
Undefeated boxer Ali LAILA
Victory WIN
Vivaciousness SPUNK
Vocal range name meaning 'high' ALTO
Wall-mounted screens TVS
Winged predator EAGLE
Word before 'boss' or 'band' GIRL